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Thursday Tropes

Time for Thursday Tropes! Serving one up that’s nice and easy this week - at least I think so!

Your prompt:

There’s only one bed

Yes, it’s a fanfic staple. You’ve read more than one. You may have written one yourself. But there’s always room for more “unexpectedly horizontal together” fan fiction. Yes? I vote yes.

The nice thing with this trope is how easily it fits with any genre:  Canon, AU, case fic, crack — you name it - all you need is a reason for them to be on the road and a room with only one bed.

Good luck and happy writing!

And a shout out to agdhani  who wrote all the tropes! All of them! As in all of last year’s an all of this year’s.  It’s quite a feat, and I have to say it makes the effort to post ‘em feel well spent. Congrats, Agdhani, on the awesome words - here are the links to the latest group:

Passion is Evil

Audience Surrogate

Necktie Leash

Exactly What it Says on the tin

Slap, slap, kiss

Cool Down Hug


Love Potion

Pretty Freeloader

Lighter/Softer Side

Flirting Under Fire

Crush Blush

Fractured Fairytale

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