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Monday that seems to be Wednesday already!

You guys are awesome! More wonderful fic from the weekend challenge and LOTS of Bingo creations going on that I'm aware of - February is going fantastically!

Unfortunately, kaige68's Monday (and Tuesday!) haven't gone so well. She emailed me to ask that I post her apologies and loathing for another 2 feet of snow! She wasn't at work on Monday due to the weather and couldn't get her car to move. She was already behind when Friday hit, and she says it's even worse now and she'll have to work extra hours to get up to date. That means 1MW has to take a backseat, but we are here to pick up the slack, right?

I know she's managed to sneak in to update daily count challenge, but it's up to us to keep up the charge on other things! There are good people here doing things all the time so that the prompts don't run dry - we love you for it, even if you don't always get the thanks you deserve! simplyn2deep, galadriel34 and thtwzjustadream I'm talking about you; and about all the others who constantly join in with posts when needed, and words of encouragement all the time! You are the best team ever!

For myself this week already, I wrote over 1400 words on Sunday and Monday, and yesterday I caught up on TV watching with Outlander (last episode of S1), Sleepy Hollow (mid-S2), and the first episode of How to get Away with Murder (new season of TV opened here this month! WOOT!). I'm hooked on these shows - who doesn't adore the pretty Tom Mison and love his portrayal of Ichabod and his partnership with Abbie Mills? I'm utterly awed by the beauty of Scotland (Outlander), and I couldn't fail to be impressed with the already intriguing premise of HTGAWM! (plus gay Connor is also very pretty ;-P). (Yes, I do like me some eye-candy. ;-))

And as for the rest of the week? Tonight I'm watching the first episode of Gallipoli (Aussie series), and doing more WIP writing, and there's more writing planned on Thursday, as well as a return to The Flash & Arrow on TV (and I find myself wanting to write more in those fandoms... any other takers?). Friday will be kicking back with Graham Norton and hopefully more words!

Now, how's your week going? How are you intending to keep up the awesome for the rest of this week?
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