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Feb. Bingo Cards!

Here's where you'll find the February Bingo cards! Don't be shy - come on in and find one or two to play with. And don't forget, you can combine a bingo card with a WIP or any other thing you're working on, even another challenge - if it gets words/graphics for the comm, we're all for it!

Go HERE for the rules and info.

Thanks again to agdhani, fairyniamh, erinm_4600, yuidirnt and scraplove, who made all the cards for one category each! You guys did a great job! ♥ (I did Meet & Greet, the others are in order of their names, as long as I got it right!!!)

Hurt/Comfort 1 & 2
Hurt/Comfort-1 photo Hurt-comfort-1_zpscstxzqi8.png   Hurt/Comfort-2 photo Hurt-comfort-2_zpsge3aam4k.png

Hurt/Comfort 3 & Mini
Hurt/Comfort-3 photo Hurt-comfort-3_zpsf9cc16a6.png   Hurt/Comfort-mini photo Hurt-comfort-mini_zpsvqpazrl9.png

Innuendo/Suggestive 1 & 2
Innuendo-1 photo Innuendo-1_zpsyvfkdkjn.jpg   Innuendo-2 photo Innuendo-2_zpszwemsost.jpg

Innuendo/Suggestive 3 & 4
Innuendo-3 photo Innuendo-3_zpsswou6za2.jpg   Innuendo-4 photo Innuendo-4_zpsdljfzetq.jpg

Innuendo/Suggestive 5
Innuendo-5 photo Innuendo-5_zpsda5cpqwu.jpg

Innuendo/Suggestive Maxi
Innuendo-maxi photo Innuendo-maxi_zps4s1tmszn.jpg

Innuendo/Suggestive Mini 1 & 2
Innuendo-mini1 photo Innuendo-Mini1_zpsxkwcd5mc.jpg   Innuendo-mini2 photo Innuendo-Mini2_zpskjtrdavo.jpg

Love 1 & 2
Love-1 photo love01_zpssytm62ec_1_1.png   Love-2 photo love02_zpsb4hbfgmp_1.png

Love 3 & Mini
Love-3 photo love03_zpsxxwmquau_1.png   Love-mini photo love-mini_zpsk3j3gkxg_1.png

Meet & Greet 1 & 2
Meet&Greet-1 photo meetampgreet-1_zpse3d2ugcp.jpg   Meet&Greet-2 photo meetampgreet-2_zpskwlinci4.jpg

Meet & Greet 3 & 4
Meet&Greet-3 photo meetampgreet-3_zpshbynlnpo.jpg   Meet&Greet-4 photo meetampgreet-4_zpsndzd8x6c.jpg

Meet & Greet Mini
Meet&Greet-mini photo meetampgreet-mini_zpspuhfh2jz.jpg

Everyday Places 1 & 2
Places-1 photo places-1_zpsmfyvlwss.jpg   Places-2 photo places-2_zpserxon6pv.jpg

Everyday Places 3 & 4
Places-3 photo places-3_zpshpadrjil.jpg   Places-4 photo places-4_zpsqqusqmnb.jpg

Everyday Places Mini
Places-mini photo places-mini_zpsbn7lyeis.jpg

Vacation 1 (Things to Do) & 2 (Places)
Vacation-1-things to do photo vacation-1-thingstodo_zps4q9eesrq.png   Vacation-2-places photo vacation-2-places_zpsn9wz0gpp.png

Vacation 3 (Extravaganza1!) & 4 (Things to Bring)
Vacation-3-extravaganza1 photo vacation-3-extravaganza_1_zpsx2e8iwti.png   Vacation-4-things to bring photo vacation-4-thingstobring_zpsdbipjken.png

Vacation 5 (Planes, Trains & Automobiles) & 6 (Extravanga2!)
Vacation-5-planes, trains & automobiles photo vacation-5-planestrainsandautomobiles_zpslqcq27wu.png   Vacation-6-extravaganza2 photo vacation-6-extravaganza2_zpsyulfdvn9.png

Vacation 7 (Miscellaneous)
Vacation-7-miscellaneous photo vacation-7-miscellaneous_zpsecgdjz75.png

Vacation Mini 1 (Miscellaneous) & Mini 2 (Inconveniences)
Vacation-mini1 photo Vacation-mini1.png_zpssdkz8o27.jpeg   Vacation-mini2-inconveniences photo Vacation-mini2-inconveniences.png_zpsteeqtwrm.jpeg

Don't forget to comment with which card you'll be starting with! ;-)

There will be a check-in a couple of times during the month to see how you're going, and then a final reminder to get your Bingo/s finished and posted in the last couple of days. I'll also check then to see if anyone needs an extension - if enough people are close but could use an extra day or two, I may extend the deadline.

Now, let the Bingo begin! Have fun! ;-)
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