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A drabblish start of a rare pair to jumpstart my writing....

I've been in a horrific writing slump lately, where I throw maybe a hundred words at one of my many snippets of story and then wander off in a funk to reread comfort fic. Since this morning brought a largely self contained scene out of my attempt to write McKay/O'Neill-ish fixit for "48 Hours" (Rodney's SG1 introduction where Teal'c is stuck in the gate) I thought I'd throw it out in a pathetic bid for feedback and encouragement and such.

[In which Rodney is angry, Jack still doesn't like scientists and Hammond is entirely off camera]Jack was passing General Hammond's office when Simmons' pet physicist slammed out the door shouting. "My plane will just have to wait a while longer! Or you could use your bureaucratically atrophied brain and arrange for transport from Nevada." At an attempt to call him to heel, he just turned back and snarled, "Sorry, but you can't ship a person on a whim like a DHD. I suggest you actually read your obligations in that contract I have."

"That's kinda funny, really." Jack loomed just for kicks, and was glad to see the geek hunch down slightly. He wasn't lying back when he said he didn't like scientists, and it hadn't changed just because he'd come to care for Carter and Daniel in spite of that flaw. "If you remembered that there was a person involved in this tech call of yours, you might not be being shipped at all."

The egghead's expression changed, but it wasn't the anger he expected or the guilt he was too jaded to hope for. (Trying to actually influence or change people was more Daniel's thing, really. Jack just wanted to pop that self righteous bubble.) Instead, nervousness was replaced with pure contempt.

"Yes, well, I'd love to stay and discuss that little insight, but I'm afraid the stupidity in this complex has already exceeded my tolerance levels, and I really can't afford to listen to you throw hypocrisy on top of it." Puffing back up, the scientist managed to project the image of pushing by him without any (hopeless) attempt at physically moving the larger and stronger man. "Now if you don't mind, I have to call a car to the airport, and I'd like to be out of the mountain before your Major tries to blow it up."

Jack looked after him blinking. Accusations of being a dumb grunt he would have blown off, but hypocrisy? Where did the geek get that from? He started moving towards the Gateroom again, but paused at the next hallway phone and punched up security. "This is O'Neill, do me a favor and delay Dr McKay's exit from the mountain a couple of hours. Nah, no real problem, I might want to follow up on something later and his address is gonna be a little fluid once he leaves NORAD. Thanks, I owe ya one."

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