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Weekend Challenge!

Hi everyone, how's your week been? Unlike the majority of you, I live where it's summer right now, and it's kinda of hot and humid - too sticky to think - at the moment, so I decided to help those of you who are getting sick of the cold and/or snow in the Northern Hemisphere by sharing something warm with you!

Yell out "Heatwave" in a comment and I'll give you a word, a picture, and a quote to do with summer and/or heat. You choose whether to make graphics or words, and whether to use one, two or all of your prompts, in any fandom or original scenario - that's all up to you! All I ask is that you make at least 5 icons/2 banners/1 wallpaper or at least 500 words.

Link or post your creation back here before midnight Sunday in your own time zone, and I will make you 1 icon, write a drabble or add 100 words to one of my WIPs for you (your choice, your prompt). My list of fandoms is here, should you need it, although I'll make icons in any fandom if you point me at the characters you like!

Now, begin! ;-)
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