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Thursday Tropes

It's Thursday! That means it's trope time, people!

Flirting Under Fire

This week, your challenge is to write a ficlet that melds action-writing with romance.

Many stories chose to only build up the inter-character-relationships in between the gunfire, perp-chase, demon-slaying or superhero battles. Others like to blend the loving with the running and firing for even greater fic yumminess.

Write us a story where the protagonists/love interests are in imminent danger, and flirting like the crazy-in-love kids that they are. Or the amorous frenemies that they are, as the case may be.

If they're the good guys, it gives them an edge. If they're villains, it can underscore their depravity and indifference to mayhem and destruction.

Another option: make the action scene a brief precursor to 'Glad to be alive sex.'

PS: I want to give a big shout out to   agdhani , who went wild with the Thursday Tropes this past week - writing so many tropey (and quite awesome, by the way) ficlets that even some of last winter's prompts made an appearance! Here they are, all eleven of them!!!!

Ten Nine Eight...
I Got you A Drawer
Enter Stage Window
Break His Heart to Save Him
Love Confession
Man Hug
Beautiful Dreamer
Sleep Cute
Didn’t Mean to Turn You On
Anger Born of Worry/ So Done (2 prompts in one fic)
Adrenaline Makeover

Awesome job, Agdhani!!!!

Good luck with the words, eveyone. And Happy Thursday, or pre-Friday as I like to think of it....
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