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Thursday Tropes

It's Thursday! That means it's trope time, people!

Flirting Under Fire

This week, your challenge is to write a ficlet that melds action-writing with romance.

Many stories chose to only build up the inter-character-relationships in between the gunfire, perp-chase, demon-slaying or superhero battles. Others like to blend the loving with the running and firing for even greater fic yumminess.

Write us a story where the protagonists/love interests are in imminent danger, and flirting like the crazy-in-love kids that they are. Or the amorous frenemies that they are, as the case may be.

If they're the good guys, it gives them an edge. If they're villains, it can underscore their depravity and indifference to mayhem and destruction.

Another option: make the action scene a brief precursor to 'Glad to be alive sex.'

PS: I want to give a big shout out to   agdhani , who went wild with the Thursday Tropes this past week - writing so many tropey (and quite awesome, by the way) ficlets that even some of last winter's prompts made an appearance! Here they are, all eleven of them!!!!

Ten Nine Eight...
I Got you A Drawer
Enter Stage Window
Break His Heart to Save Him
Love Confession
Man Hug
Beautiful Dreamer
Sleep Cute
Didn’t Mean to Turn You On
Anger Born of Worry/ So Done (2 prompts in one fic)
Adrenaline Makeover

Awesome job, Agdhani!!!!

Good luck with the words, eveyone. And Happy Thursday, or pre-Friday as I like to think of it....


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Jan. 29th, 2015 09:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
Hopefully I'll have a few more soon...the one I'm working on now is bogging me down as I try to get it right...and RL isn't cooperating. I'll have to see if I can create one for this prompt too :D
Jan. 31st, 2015 11:55 am (UTC)
Fic - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (H50, Steve/Danny, PG13)
Title – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Fandom – H-5 0
Rated – PG13
Characters – Steve/Danny
Summary – Steve’s a horn dog and it’s all Danny’s fault.
A/N – Just a quick, light flirtation from the boyos.
“I don’t think this is the time or the place for this conversation Steven,” Danny hissed, keeping his voice low.

He was crouched behind crates that he had little faith in keeping him safe from a barrage of bullets. Steve was just behind him, he could feel his arm pressing against his back and took a moment to catch his breath, keeping his gun poised for any movement ahead.

“Now’s as good a time as any,” Steve replied and Danny could almost hear the smirk he probably had on his face. Cocky son of a bitch. “Daniel.

“Only you would find this moment appropriate,” Danny grumbled, inching forward, peering around the crate for a few seconds and when no bullets grazed past his nose he ducked back and lifted up a little. “Clear.”

Steve tapped his shoulder in response and Danny move forward, knowing Steve would be close behind. They came to a halt again, stacked crates on one side, wall on the other and just ahead a door. Danny aimed his gun at the door for any surprises, pondering on just how safe it was to enter it.

“Can’t help it Danno,” Steve said, coming up close behind him. Too close, his whole upper body plastered against Danny’s back and his breath hit off the side of his neck, making Danny’s breath hitch in a way that was entirely unprofessional while they were in the field chasing the bad guys who were keen on shooting first, talking later. “Can’t resist myself when I see you like this.”

Before Danny could reply Steve was snaking past him, checking how easy it would be to get to the door. Still no gun fire, he paused and cocked his head over towards the door, “Cover me.”

“Cover you?!” Danny said quickly, unable to do much more because Steve was already dodging forward and the gun fire didn’t start right away. Steve reached the door before they started popping shots at him and Danny could really shoot the bastard himself. It was like shooting fish in a barrel but at least he knew where the gun shots were coming from this time and thankfully the stupid ass perp had a terrible aim. Danny dashed forward, turned and aimed up, shooting a few warning shots before he found his target, right up and to the left of them, way out of sight unless you were out in the open. “Move it McGarrett.”

“Moving,” Steve yelled back. Danny felt a hand grab his shoulder and he was pulled backwards, he managed to kick the door closed before they ended up on the ground from the momentum in a heap of limbs. Steve’s hand moved deceptively over his chest and down his side to his hip, over his thigh and Danny gave an involuntary shiver. “As I said babe, not the time nor the place.”

Jan. 31st, 2015 11:56 am (UTC)
Re: Fic - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (H50, Steve/Danny, PG13)
“Just checking for bullet holes,” Steve teased back, receiving an elbow in the ribs for his trouble as Danny got to his feet, turning and reaching out a hand to help him up.

“Yeah, right,” Danny said, looking at him closely. Steve was looking at him with the look that said only one thing to Danny and he found it very very hard to resist it. He let out a low whistle, pressing a hand to Steve’s chest, feeling his heart beating wildly. “Jesus babe, turned on much?”

“It’s your fault,” Steve said, grabbing his wrist and yanking him forward. Danny resisted with a shake of his head.

“How is it my fault you can’t control yourself?” Danny demanded, pointing with his gun up the stairwell and giving Steve a push to go first.

“Uh, do you remember how our morning began Danny?” Steve grumbled, taking point and starting up the stairs slowly, gun raised, eyes and ears open for any noise and movement.

“It’s not my fault we get a call just as we were starting round two,” Danny retorted, following him round the stairwell from one set of stairs to another.

“Excuse me, it wasn’t round two for me,” Steve pointed out. “As you well know.”

“I promised to make it up to you,” Danny reminded him. “I thought you’d be grown up enough to get your game face on while bad guys try to put bullets in us. My mistake.”

“I have got my game face on,” Steve growled back, pausing and ducking down. Danny put a hand on his back and crouched too, feeling Steve raise up, aim and the shooting stopped, someone groaned and a gun clattered down the stairwell, landing close by. “See.”

“You know what I mean,” Danny replied as they continued upwards, picking up the gun and cocking on the safety before removing the bullet mag. Steve crouched by the guy he’d shot, the man lay on his side groaning in pain as blood leaked out onto the concrete floor.

“How many more?” Steve demanded, gun aimed directly on him.

“Fuck man, you shot me,” The guy complained, wailing and moaning.

“Oh please, you aren’t dying,” Danny told him, rolling him over. Steve had hit him cleanly in the upper arm, a through and through. He pulled his arms behind him, making the gun groan again.

“Hey c’mon man, I’m hurt,” He howled in pain as Danny cuffed him.

“How many?” Steve demanded again, waving his gun at him.

“Three,” Was the reply through gritted teeth. “Hey you can’t leave me here, I need an ambulance.”

Danny and Steve were already moving forward, knowing back up was coming.

“Why they didn’t call you ‘Horn Dog’ instead of ‘Smooth Dog’ I’ll never know,” Danny said as they continued upwards.

“They didn’t turn me on like you do,” Steve pointed out. “I mean seriously Danny, you leave a guy hanging and come to work in those pants which leave nothing to imagination.”

“Ha Steve c’mon, you’re imagination needs zero encouragement. I could turn up in a sack and you’d still be turned on,” Danny pointed out.

“Be easier to get you out of it,” Steve had to agree. “But I’d miss seeing your ass stretching out that fabric. Care to take point?”

“Concentrate Horn Dog,” Danny hissed at him. “You can ogle my ass later.”

“With pleasure,” Steve grinned.

~ fin ~
Jan. 31st, 2015 07:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Fic - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (H50, Steve/Danny, PG13)
This is quite awesome! There isn't a whole lot of teasy McDanno, with them in a situation where they can't go where they'd like to go at the moment. :). And you know....it would likely happen quite frequently, lol....
Feb. 1st, 2015 03:56 am (UTC)
added two more today...maybe one or two tomorrow after I manage a heatwave ;)

Feb. 9th, 2015 09:51 pm (UTC)
Just in time for Valentine's Day...a little Black Sails fic for Flirting Under Fire.


Leaves me one prompt left!
Feb. 10th, 2015 01:25 am (UTC)
Awesome! Congrats again on the amazing run - i'm seriously impressed. :). Could I ask you a favor, would you have time to send me the second set of links? I'll tally up the words and share it on the next post.

And I'll say it again - it really is rewarding to see prompts come to life. It makes the effort more than worth while! :)
Feb. 10th, 2015 06:02 am (UTC)
I'm hoping to finish the last prompt sometime this week...depends on how long it takes me to craft my 'fairy tale'. Then I'll give you all the second set of links :D

Thank you for the prompts which, for some reason, happened to spark something just in time with the muses wanting to be tickled. Soon I'll have to find a new set to tackle...although I really should get back to my WIP...and write 2 class papers ;)
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