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So in the spirit of this months rare pair challenge, I thought I would do a fun little challenge surrounding that idea, I thought it would be great that if you have no idea what to do if you want a challenge

So heres whats going to happen.

1) You are going to say HIT ME! And give me three fandoms. PLEASE GIVE ME AT MOST TEN CHARACTERS YOU CAN WRITE! (It will make it quicker and easier for me)
Example: HIT ME: Stargate Atlantis (John Sheppard, Elizabeth Weir, Acastus Kolya), Hawaii Five-0 (Chin, Kono Danny, Catherine, Steve), Torchwood.

2) I will then put those characters from each of those characters into a randomizer and the first two names on the list will be the pair that is generated.
Example: I will respond to those fandoms with the generated couples as such: Elizabeth/Kolya, Chin/Catherine, Owen/Jack.

3) With that said you will write at least one of those couple in a fic with at least 200 words OR a graphic.

This challenge will be Slash and Het if your generated couple is Het, and you are a Slash writer, you can either A) write a Gen!Scene with them or B) if you really want to be romantic then I will gladly reado the list for you.

Should you chose to accept this challenge I will either A) Write you a drabble or B) make you a fanmix with a couple of your choice on 8 Tracks =D

I look forward to see what the randomizer gods come up with Muhahahaha.
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