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Thursday Tropes: Man Hug


It's Wednesday here but it's Thursday in a ton o'places, so why wait? Here's your Thursday Trope, in honor of International Hug Day!

Your tropey prompt is:

Man Hug

I'm sure a lot of us in a certain fandom thought 'McDanno' when they bumped into the existence of International Hug Day while browsing the web today. I wanted to write up a McDanno hug story in tribute, myself, but work kicked my butt again. So. it gave me a smile and a snort when I went to TV Tropes to look up some info for this post and this was the very first example listed:
Very common on Hawaii Five-0. Steve and Danno are quite prone to man hug, especially when one or both has just gotten out of a life-threatening situation.

Yes, they are, and for that I'm most thankful.

Your Man Hug fic for the Thursday Trope could be simple and straightforward; your favorite slashy huggers doing just that, whatever the fandom. Or maybe it's a first, tentative man hug between two characters. Do they get teased by their counterparts, or are others in their fictional world glad to see them make progress from frenemies to friends?
Of course, women are seldom if ever portrayed as giving Man Hugs, but maybe a super heroine does as a sign of shared or renewed partnership with another that is aimed at stopping the bad guy.

And you could have a fic about the Man Hug that turns into more.
Oh, and by the way, we've had just a huge start to the year with the tropes! A shout out to agdhani who went on a TEAR this week, and who really should post to the comm with a list of them. They're all quite good!

Once spring hits, I'll get a list of all the Thursday Tropes together before we move on to our next seasonal prompt.
For now, good luck to you for the week ahead and happy writing!
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