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Word of the Day 01/18/15 Clone

Clone (noun, verb)
clone [klohn]

1. Biology.
a. a cell, cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from which it was derived.
b. a population of identical units, cells, or individuals that derive from the same ancestral line.
2. a person or thing that duplicates, imitates, or closely resembles another in appearance, function, performance, or style: All the fashion models seemed to be clones of one another.

verb (used with object), cloned, cloning.
3. to produce a copy or imitation of.
4. Biology.
a. to cause to grow as a clone.
b. to separate (a batch of cells or cell products) so that each portion produces only its own kind.

verb (used without object), cloned, cloning.
5. Biology. to grow as a clone.

Origin: 1900-05; < Greek klṓn a slip, twig

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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