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Thursday Tropes: Enter Stage Window


Thursday! Tropes!  Get 'em while they're hot...

We've had pretty good luck with the Thursday Tropes this season!  Already seven fics, and well over 3,000 words logged. Cool!

This week's challenge....

She/He Came In Through the Bathroom Window

The technical term for the trope is 'Enter Stage Window.'  In other words, write us a fic where one of your characters goes out of their way to get to the other. The tropiest of these tropes involve standing on the lawn below their room and tossing pebbles at the glass - or climbing a trellis or ladder to sneak in.

But there could be all kinds of fun variations. Maybe it's an hour before the wedding, and one decides 'screw the rules, I have to sneak in to talk with him/her...without anyone seeing me'

It could be an AU world, and your characters are both burglars who picked the same target.

Or maybe your darlings spend the afternoon cleaning out the basement, only to discover they locked themselves in. Is that little window just below the ceiling near the dryer's lint trap large enough to squeeze through?

There are probably a thousand ways to have your characters go to crazy lengths to get to and/or be there for each other - hope one of them brings you words this week!
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