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Heads up! Get ready to celebrate International Fanworks Day!

The Organization for Tranformative Works, the good people who bring us AO3 (kudos to them!), are throwing a party celebrating fandom!

That sounds right up our word-loving alley, doesn't it?  :).

The first-ever International Fanworks Day is almost exactly a month out from now: February 15, 2015.  Here's how you can participate...

- Take part in the AO3 Drabble Challenge. Details on this are TBD and the AO3 folks should be sharing more on it soon. It struck me as a great way we could celebrate the first ever Fandom Day together, and also drive some words for our January and February counts!  I'll know I'll definitely write some drabbles specifically for this - if you are up for it, too, comment below and we can come up with a mini-challenge. Like, maybe we all base our drabbles off of one shared pool of prompts?  Hey, who knows, maybe it'll bring us a few new members if people see our work on the drabble challenge.

- Day of: Tag a fanwork to the International Fanworks Day tag on 2/15.

- Show that you are someone who cares and shares: AO3 will put up a post on 2/15, where you can link to five fanworks on which you've left comments. Show that you care enough to share your thoughts with the artists and writers who post fandom works.

I'll put up a second post/reminder/call for drabbles once there's more released about the challenge!

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