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Monday Madness: Original Fic - New year edition!

New year, new banner! ...just kidding, of course, more like "guest host, guest banner". I'm Destiny and I'm guest hosting while H is busy having fun on her summer holiday, please be kind to me!

2015 is here, so I thought it was a good time to talk about new things. Are you planning to start some new epic novel this year? Or perhaps finally get around to write that one original story that has been rattling around your brain for a while? Tell us everything about it!

Do you enjoy getting started on a new story? Or are you the kind of writer who writes the ending first and then tries to work out exactly how things ended up that way?

And if you're here looking for a prompt, I've got you covered as well! Click here for a beautiful artwork. This is the year of the sheep in the Chinese zodiac, so let's write about fluffy and warm things, be them handmade scarves or feelings of love.

Banner credits:
stock photo, paper texture.
Artwork credit: "Sheep and girl" by B.c.N.y..
Tags: monday madness: original fic
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