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Schedules and things!

Now, you may be wondering what's happening with this year's challenges and such, especially anything I'm organising! It's summer in NZ, so I'm on holiday (vacation) right now, which means there's been a lot of running children right and left, and now I'm about to be away on an actual holiday out of the house for real for five days (!!!) so I'm a little behind schedule with getting things in line here, and I know that the ever-wonderful kaige68 has been very busy at work, so please forgive us for not getting everything totally ship-shape for 2015 yet!

BUT! Rest assured, things are happening! I have scheduled entries for three January birthdays - so when these appear, feel free to link in any gifts you have created, or just wish our birthday members a great day! It's not too late to sign up to be on the birthday schedule this year, either. Go here to sign in with details of your special day (please sign in again even if you did so in 2014, as you may have different wants for 2015, and I have not added any of last year's list to my schedule. We're down on numbers, so go ahead and let me know you're in!). Also, go here to let me know who you'll be making gifts for this year! You are under no obligation to take part, but if you expect gifts, remember that giving is just as much fun as receiving! These two posts have all the info you need about this challenge.

I have also organised people to run the weekend challenges for this weekend (thank you, kitmerlot1213!) and next (thank you, sharpiesgal!), so nothing's getting forgotten! And should you feel that you'd like to offer your services for a weekend challenge in 2015 and you haven't signed up already, go here to sign up!. If you want to know what is required in running a weekend challenge, go here for details!

Thank you to everyone who's already signed up for these - we appreciate it, and I'll be in touch soon where needed.

Have I missed anything? I'm pretty sure there are regular slots that maybe haven't been covered yet, like my original fic and comment fic posts, but they will have to wait until I'm back on a regular schedule. If anyone has any brilliant ideas for them, or for anything else we run here - or generally wants to help out in some way - please feel free to comment here, or PM either myself or kaige68, bearing in mind your reply may be a little slow in coming. ;-)

I promise we'll get things more sorted by February! Thank you all for being here and being eager to get those words and graphics flowing! We love you all, and are absolutely certain 18 million words for 2015 is entirely within our grasp!

Incidentally, if anyone would like to make icons or banners for any of the regular things we do, please feel free - 2015 is a new year, and new graphics would be most welcome! And, as you know, a picture's worth a thousand words, so it's all counted! ;-)
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