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Challenge: Give A Prompt, Take A Prompt

Hi all!

I decided to be brave and start this challenge (you may delete it, if it is wrong, yaiks!). Today is my birthday and I thought that um, why not ask for something and then give something in exchange, too. The idea of this challenge is very simple. It has three steps:

1. List your fandoms (and if you wish, the pairings and genres you like to write). You don't have to list all of them, just the ones that tickle your fancy right now. :) Comment this post with your list.
2. Look at the list of the others. Come up with a prompt for someone - and, if you are feeling creative, the more you come up with, the merrier. :) Give your prompts by commenting the lists.
3. When you receive a prompt, try to write something for it. It doesn't have to be long - in this case, even a sentence is enough. You may write as much as you like, of course.

My list of fandoms and other stuff is in the first comment.
Tags: challenge: flash!, misc: prompts
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