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Thursday Tropes: Look what I 'got' you....


It's Thursday, and time for a prompt designed with one thing in mind: Some quick and easy, down and dirty (or not) words to add to your goal for January!

This week's love trope is...

I Got You a Drawer

Our prompt comes courtesy of TV tropes, and it goes like this: Character "A" presents character "B" with a gift - it's a drawer! With nothing in it! Wow, thanks.... I think.

Of course, the gift is the drawer. This trope is used to indicate an escalation in a relationship - or at least an opening up of one character to the idea of letting someone into their life a little more.

Of course it doesn't have to be a literal drawer - could be someone making room in the refrigerator, clearing half the medicine chest or the closet, getting rid of the saw horse and old boxes blocking half the garage, buying a second nightstand. And there are also many ways to play the reception of the gift. Maybe it's really well recieved, even a reason for joy if character "A" is normally locked off and allergic to intimacy. Or, maybe character B might be a little taken aback - as in, 'thanks, but, uh, I don't think I really ...need a drawer here.' In that case, cue the angst. Or perhaps character "A" downplays it - 'that new nightstand? Oh, I've been meaning to get one forever...' and character "B" calls him/her on it.

Hope the trope pays off in some words!

And by the way, wow did we have a great turnout for Thursday Tropes last week! Helsinkibaby gave us some lovely Sleepy Hollow, Frank/Jenny fic. From ncisvu_lj we enjoyed sweet Guardian Angel action with Tony and Gibbs. Heffermonkey wrote some gorgeous McDanno. Agdhani brought us Constantine fic, with Chas taking care of Zed - beautifully detailed, very vivid scene-setting in that one! It all added up to over 2,000 words from one little trope! Woo hoo!
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