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I checked out this last few days, sorry about that. I've been NyQuiling and knitting and nothing else.

But that's all going to change today!!!

DID YOU SEE WE DID 14 MILLION WORDS? Who is better than us? NO ONE, that's who! I have 480 notifs in my LJ inbox that prove it! Now what? (Aside from answering all those comments)

We have a new challenge that started today, we have a few more ideas (Lasairfhiona I will PM you today), and some people suggested we will absolutely make 15 mil this year. I'm all for the more challenges! All for it, but that 15 million, I say pfft. PFFT! We did almost 1.5 million in December, we can do that every month! 18 MILLION! That's my thought. What do you all think?

So what else? We had a fabu weekend challenge, Rare pairs has started, color challenge has started. WHAT ELSE SHOULD WE DO? Hit me!

And now for the typical - How awesome were you last week? What are your plans to be awesome this week?

We're back at zero people! Let's make ALL THE WORDS!!
Tags: monday: accolades
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