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Thursday Tropes: Beautiful Dreamer


I don't know about you, but even though I was quite good to myself this New Year's eve it sure didn't mean I was in a hurry to move this morning. One last day to kick back before the holidays are over. So... I figured a sleepy trope would be good for today.


Beautiful Dreamer

Our trope comes from, which says:

"This is a romantic trope where one half of the couple or potential couple falls asleep and the other one winds up watching them. Sometimes they initially consider waking the sleeping person up, but decide against it upon seeing just how cute and peaceful they look. Very often a soft, tender smile passes over the watcher's face, giving the viewer a hint of their affection towards the slumberer. Hair and/or skin-stroking may also ensue.

Not to be confused with the type of behavior stalkers frequently partake in. If it's played for a creepy, disturbing effect rather than a sweet and romantic one, it does not belong here. (Although with some works it can be hard to tell.)"

Write us some non-creepy, entirely heart in the right place gazing. Or, hey, maybe creepy with evil intentions is doing more for your muse at the moment, no judgment.

Wherever the Beautiful Dreamer trope takes you, happy writing and Happy New Year!

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