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Count information/final push/flash challenge ... stuff!

I wanted to let you all know that while it is 2015 in some places right now, we're not counting words until it's 2015 everywhere. What that means is that I'll get up at 7am Eastern Standard Time and count the words. You still have over 12 hours to hustle. I don't care what time it is where you are, I WANT ALL THE WORDS! YOU GO HUSTLE!
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I missed Bluesday this month, but believe me when I tell you that I'm not happy with my count this year. I have a plethora of reasons that the words didn't fall together for me, but they feel like excuses when I'm looking at a measly word count. I know that some of you are feeling the same way, so I suggest this. Pick yourselves up right now, before you head out, after you come back, or while you're sitting in your pjs with chips and dip - 100 more words or one more graphic will feel immensely better than feeling like you gave up. Fight it to the end with me! Make one more thing, win all the glory! ALL THE GLORY!

To that end:

flash challenge photo flash_zpsebdc6890.png

Yeah, that's right, I just made a graphic! Sure it shows, but I did it!

Give me a graphic/icon/gif or 100 words on MOTIVATION! What gets you going? What makes you want to do more? What pumps your characters full of adrenaline? Does a little deadline do ya?

And when you're done that, update your numbers again!

Written words! ~ Graphic words!


Happy New Year!
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