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And I am a bit late again as it's been a writing frenzy of a day, but hopefully the birthday recipient will think the delay was worth it! (I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU!). Come on, fellow members, and join me in wishing our last member of the birthday challenge for 2014 all the wishes!

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to writinchica2k!!!

And if you have some time before 2014 disappears on us, please think about offering Chica a wee giftee! Track this post, Chica, to see your gifts and wishes!



Types of gifts requested: I'm not picky :3
Main fandoms: American Idol RPF, Canadian Music RPF, Bandom, That Guy With The Glasses, Welcome To Night Vale
Genre/style, subject etc: will take basically anything except mega-angst
Prompts and/or special requests: surprise me :3 or you're free to hit me up with a pair/character and I'll pluck a prompt from air
Dislikes/squicks: non-dub/con, death, scat/watersports, blood, infidelity

Thank you all for joining in with the birthday challenge this year. Don't forget, it's not too late to sign up for 2015 birthdays either! Go here to do so!
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