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Monday of doing!


We are countable hours away from then end of our counting this year! I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!! And so here is the obligatory reminder to UPDATE YOUR NUMBERS!
Written words ~ Graphic words

Then too, we still have some flash challenges going on until the end of the year, not all that flash as they can take a week, but still:
Boxing Day for the little people ~ Boxing Day grudge match

Stop by and see if there is anything on either that you'd like to pitch in on.

Now on to Monday - As I said last week, what we've done so far is amazing. You all rock so damn hard! You put in so much effort, even when you don't think you've done well, you've kicked creative butt! If we don't get another word this year, we have still outdone ourselves! I absolutely mean that. ABSOLUTELY!

The last two years have been outstanding in my life, and it is predominantly because of you all. This was a tiny little idea, I was a little type A about my word count at the end of 2012, and wanted to see if a group of people can gather a million words. I honestly didn't think we'd get there. I do know that you've heard this story before, but it really touches me that we did it. That we WAY more than did it.

AND it moves me greatly, that so many people are so active in helping it happen. If it had just been H and I, well... yeah. To that end, I ask you this: Leave a comment on a post, or PM someone if you don't want to say it in front of everybody. But let the peeps who help you out know how much we appreciate them. (NOT ME AND H, we know you love us.) We have 2 to 3 posts every day, that someone put time and effort in to, challenges, prompts, WORD OF THE DAY. And then there are thinky thoughts, and 'hey what about this'. There are also some people who simply chime in with well placed 'yay you', which warms the heart. We, legitimately, have the most wonderful group of people. I am in awe daily.

So to all of you, contributors, counters, lurkers: Thank you so very much for making this experience so very rewarding!
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