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Thursday Tropes: Ten, Nine, Eight...

ThursdayTropes I was a bad comm member, and failed to post the first of our weekly winter prompts on 12/24! Sorry about that. I thought rather than wait for next Thursday, I’d double up this week.

And since a certain day full of potential for angst and romance and debauchery is coming up, we’ll go with the holiday flow…

Prompt: Ten, nine eight….

Write us a ficlet about New Year’s Eve. Maybe this is the year one of your characters decides to say those three little words. Maybe he or she is watching the object of their desire kissing someone else when the countdown gets to one. Or leaving so they don’t have to see it. Or winning the day and their love when they least expected it. Whether it’s schmoop or angst or NC-17 or even hurt/comfort (work h/c in and we’ll all be impressed, I’m sure! ☺ ) – write us some tropey, sexy, romantic New Year’s fic!

Happy words and Happy New Year to you!
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