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Birthday Challenge for 2015

Okay, we've had some discussions about this already, so I'm going to go with what I'm hoping will work for the year. I had a bit of a brainwave the other night and I'm thinking that this may be the best option, since it can be difficult to do what is the best option for everyone. A lot of you liked the idea of matching people up and giving everyone a few other people's birthdays to create for, so this is an adaption of that.

The way I am going to work it is like this: You sign up here using the format below. List out your favourite fandoms you like to read/follow or otherwise want something created in. Everyone who signs up will then get the opportunity to come back and pick out up to as many others that they would personally like to make gifts for during the year.

PICK THEM OUT & COMMENT AT THIS LINK! The linked post has screened answers, so that only K and I will see who you've chosen. This way, all the gifts will be a surprise to the recipient on their day. It also means if you are unable to make something for one reason or another, the birthday person will not be disappointed by not getting something they were expecting. Make sense?

I will, as I did this year, put up reminders each month for the upcoming birthdays. It will be up to you as creators to ensure you schedule time to make the gifts you want to give, and aim to have them ready in that person's birthday week. On their actual birthday, I'll put up a birthday post, just like this year, and you can then link or post your gifts there. If at reminder time you realise you can't make something, please PM me so I can make sure the person is still getting at least one present.

You're welcome to make graphics or write stories (or both) for your recipients. I would expect as a minimum it should be the equivalent of 500 words or 5 icons for each birthday person you create for, but there is no maximum. You can choose as many or as few recipients as you like. However, bear in mind that you will be probably be receiving more than one gift on your day, so something in the order of 3-5 recipients would be nice.

The only thing that I will look at if the spread isn't very even, is asking people if they can manage another one or two gifts if I find there are birthdays with few takers to create something for them. Please be generous if I have to do this - and I will do my utmost to ensure they match up at least a little! So when you fill in your entry, be as open as you can with your wants and wishes! Thanks!

Here is the entry template:

The more the merrier, remember, and don't be shy! Remember, every word counts towards our final goal for the year!

Edited 20 Feb: please comment any time through the year if your birthday has not fallen yet, as long as you are willing to gift to others too!
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