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Last Weekend Challenge of the Year!

Hi everyone, I hope you've had fun with all the weekend challenges this year! This is our last one for 2014, and I have shamelessly stolen the idea from something thtwzjustadream did recently!

Dreamy gave us this alternate casting of the movie 'Closer' with a changed movie poster, a short synopsis and a few quotes from the movie.

So, for this challenge, you have two choices: you can either pick your own movie and recast it with whomever you like, or you can give me a number from 1 to 100 and I will give you a movie from a list of Top 100 movies, and you can recast it as you like.

When you get your movie, you can then photoshop a movie poster; redesign it completely from scratch with your new cast; you can add in quotes; rewrite or alter a scene to make it work with your cast, or anything else to do with your recast movie that will give us words or pictures! Make it slashy if you want, or change it to a rom-com, turn it completely upside down or play it straight - all ideas are acceptable!

Join in, and get in some more much-needed words and graphics for the last month of 2014!

And for everyone who gives me something, I will offer up a drabble or so, or an icon in a fandom of your choice (or no fandom if you like) as a reward (my list of fandoms is here!) And because this is the last weekend challenge of the year, I'm extending the deadline to the 31st - so get your entry in by midnight your time on the 31st, and I'll get on those rewards as soon as I can! ;-)
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