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Happy Birthday jstabe!

WOOHOO! Not only is it Christmas day, but it's also a birthday here at 1MW! Come on along and party with jstabe today, or over the next day or two if you can! Let's start by wishing J a very...


Types of gifts (Words, icons, banners, wallpapers, etc): Anything! Gifts are always awesome.
Main fandoms: Teen Wolf, Hawaii Five-0, Supernatural, RPS of any of those, The Avengers
Genre/style, subject etc: I mostly read slash, but gen is awesome if it's a good character/plot driven story
Prompts and/or special requests: I have a soft spot for Teen Wolf's Derek being able to do a full shift. I'm also big on pack fic in TW and anything that actually involves the core four in H50.
Dislikes/Squicks: I'm pretty good with anything, though I don't care for watersports.

I hope it's a great day for you, my dear! And I hope you get all you could hope for in the year to come! Track the post to check for gifts and wishes as they arrive. And everyone else, link/post your gifts here! ;-)
Tags: challenge: birthdays
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