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So this is Monday.

Impressed, aren't you? It's a 'tell them how wonderful they are on Monday post' that's actually happening on a Monday! Who knew?

So, I've opted to get up early and go into work for 7 rather than 6 (I have to be in for 8) because of two things. I still need to knit about more nine feet of 1" strips to make a scarf for the 24th, and because you are all so very ... Amazing.

We've got day jobs or night jobs or kids or school or some combination of them, and we've managed to pull over 12 million words together in the last year. That is saying something. And we're making a mad dash to get to 15 million for the first. And that is saying something too. We are pretty darn impressive! We've got challenges, support, prompts, discussions, new friends, old friends, and no drama. I honestly think we could conquer the world! Impressive doesn't even start! You all make me so proud! You are all I talk about! (Well, you and my dog. ;) )

As I mentioned, we are pushing to hit that fifteen million mark for the year, and to that end haldoor and I have pulled together a couple of 'events' for December 26th. I have always viewed it as a day to catch up, it's not a holiday where I'm from, but being from a family that celebrates Christmas it has always seemed like a great place to have a 'me' day after all of the work that goes into travel, baking, and gifting for the preceding days. Only now, 'me' days mean words. So we're putting forth two challenges:

Boxing Day for the little people - Bring on the prompts, drabbles, and icons. We'll set up a post at midnight on the international date line on the 26th and leave it until the end of the year. Chime in with an idea for a prompt and let as many people as they like chime in for a fill. It's that easy. All we ask is that you use the subject line to denote if your comment is a prompt or a fill. It's an easy, quick way to rack up some numbers!

Boxing Day Grudge Match - Have you been fighting all year/season/month to fill a reward or challenge the needs to get done. Here's your chance to battle it out, or to tag out and see if anyone else can jump in and take a swing. Again, we'll set up a post at midnight and you can comment listing your project and any help you're looking for (from cheerleading to a tag out), and look around for projects you can help with. Maybe turn a reward into a quick round robin. The word is our oyster! (which doesn't make any sense, but yeah, I said it!)

Remember to update your numbers by the end of the year. Remember that you can post at any time with a flash challenge or meme or idea that you think might produce some words. Remember that every single word is one more than we had before. And remember that you are awesome and an integral part of the awesomeness that is this community. Even if we don't get one single word more than we have right now, we have still done the impossible.

I've said it before, but it's true: I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR!
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