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Swap of Joy gift for elasticella!

Title: It's All Pretend (Till Someone Falls)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Natasha Romanoff/Maria Hill with appearances by Tony Stark, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Thor and Pepper Potts
Word Count: 2,707
Rating: Mature. Contains some semi-explicit smut
Summary: It wouldn't be a Tony Stark party if someone didn't end up featured in the tabloids. Except that was never part of the plan.

AKA the time Maria and Natasha made out at a party and it ended up in the gossip column and then Maria got pissed and Natasha ... well, Natasha did what Natasha does best. (Set at an unspecified time after Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but no spoilers)
Notes: Happy Holidays, elasticella! I've never seen your top two fandoms, so I'm sorry I could give you anything with those, but I tried to fulfill a few of your requests with this. I hope you like it!

On AO3
Tags: challenge: swap of joy

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