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Best of 1MW for 2014 - Share your fics for the brag book, now!

I hope you will share the work you did that you are proudest of this year -- and in sharing, rack up some more words for the comm!

It's the time of year to look both ahead and back - so…bring us your best of 2014!

Comment here with a link to the work(s) you did this year you're most proud of. It might be your best ever  - or perhaps a story you struggled with that surprised you in some way, Maybe it's  your funniest, saddest, warmest, crack-ficish -  whatever the reason, share it and I'll write a reward fic adding to the 1_million_words bottom line. :)  Last year, the brag book netted 15,000+ additional words for the year.

I'll kick it off …

The Fan - Short McDanno fic. I feel I did a better job than usual with Steve's voice. I also like Danny at Steve's door losing his marbles, lol.

Faster When You Fall - a rare-pairs fic in which I slash up a young, pre-2004 Sawyer and an 18-year-old Dean Winchester. Not my biggest getter of hits (rare pairs, you know?), but one of the few stories I've posted that I think I'll still remember years from now.

Okay, I jumped in -- now chime in, please, and share your fics!

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