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Swap of Joy for Fairyniamh

Title: Things remembered
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Characters: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Word Count: 1100 ish (this chapter)
Rating: Mature
Summary: Derek reflects on the ceremonies that will have him fully married by the end of the day.
Beta: haldoor gave me a read through, and greengrrl gave me emergency lessons on tenses. Should there still be errors (and there will be), they are entirely my fault. The tenses beat the crap out of me.
Notes: This was written for the wonderful fairyniamh's Swap of Joy gift at 1_million_words. The request was: Because of a childhood contract between Claudia and Talia. The Duo must marry. (Not under 10 and no older than… hmmm, the younger or the pair being 18. Eldest of the Duo no older than 30.) Rocky Start, Happy ending. (Think of the start of Swan Princess, for the type of love/hate relationship.) I have to confess to not knowing Swan Princess, and this is not completely what you asked for. I'm sorry, this is where my brain took the story. Apologies also for the lateness. It's 4 chapters long, and I'll post one every day until it's all done. They are in varying stages of being beta read.
This is AU with the canon death of two characters, but a predominantly alive Hale family. Werewolves are known.

Chapter one
Tags: challenge: swap of joy, creation: fic
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