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Birthday challenge for 2015

Hey everyone! So, as you probably realise, kaige68 and I are gearing up for next year at the moment. One of the things that happened last year was the birthday challenge, which I ran as follows:

People who wanted to be in on this challenge signed up to a lead post giving me their birthdate and info about the sort of gifts they would like. I posted at the beginning of each month with the info on everyone who had birthdays that month, then on the day of each birthday I would put up an individual post for the birthday person/s, and everyone was then free to comment with their gift (or a link to it) or with wishes for the person.

The only requirement for anyone who put forward their b'day details was that they would have to offer a few gifts on other people's birthdays. You didn't have to make something for everyone; just a small number of them to pass on the pleasure of getting gifts, and to add words to our count.

Anyway, what I'm posting for today is to gauge interest for 2015, and to see if you want to go with the same idea this year, or if anyone has ideas for something different. One of my ideas was that we could maybe match people up to 4 or 5 others spread through-out the year that they'd be willing to gift to, so that we ensure everyone actually gets something. Last year we had a lot of great things earlier in the year, but as time went on, I think people got busier and didn't have as much time to concentrate on giving, and there were a few people who really didn't get a lot made for them.

This way, I'm thinking you'd get your recipients early in the year and have time to work out what you want to do for each one, and make them a little more in advance (it would be up to you how you worked that into your creating schedule, as long as it was ready for their actual b'day). And of course, each recipient would have more than one creator working to make them something, which can only be a good thing, right?

So, let me know if this idea might hold more appeal, or if you have some other idea/s that you think might work better. I'm open to suggestions!

Lastly, I'd just say that I tried to make banners for as many people as I could (I hope they were liked generally, but I'm not sure if I will do that again, unless you guys let me know that you want it), but didn't have a lot of extra time to do fic or other things. However we decide to do it though, the idea would be for us all to give a few things - be they big or small. I would expect that as a minimum you might create at least a 500 word ficlet or 4-5 icons/a banner for a birthday gift, but more or less could be looked at if there's a general consensus one way or another.

So, here's your chance for input. Comment away with your thoughts, and we'll go from there. ;-)
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