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And it's Comment Fic Friday for the last time in 2014

Hey everyone, how are your words going for December? I must admit, mine are nowhere near what they should be, but December is a tricky time, so I have to get working before the year ends so I can contribute a decent amount to the 2.3 million that we still need.

So, comment here with a few words for the prompt:


So, whether it's something your character dropped - on purpose or by mistake - or someone dropped them in it (trouble), dropped them from the team, dropped something on their foot or dropped their most precious possession, drop now and give me words! Anything that will fit in a comment (up to around 700-800 words, usually) or even two, will help us reach that final 15 mill count we're hoping for this year. Graphics makers, how about an icon or two using the prompt?

Come on, everyone, add some words now! ;-)
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