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Happy Birthday neurotoxia

OMG! I'm getting worse! I saw it was neurotoxia's birthday on the 18th, but I managed to forget to post until now. My apologies, my dear, but let this make it stretch out a day or so extra for you! I hope you had the


Everyone, come on down and offer up some goodies and wishes for neurotoxia so we don't let a member down! Link or post your contributions here.


neurotoxia's wishlist:

Types of gifts requested: Happy with anything
Main fandoms: Sherlock, Final Fantasy 7, The Walking Dead, Bleach, Hannibal
Genre/style, subject etc: Angst, Gen, Slash, AU, slice of life, but I'm open to pretty much anything except ABO or overabundant fluff
Prompts and/or special requests: Favoured pairings or characters for the fandoms are
Sherlock - Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Mycroft, Sherlock/Victor Trevor, Greg Lestrade
Final Fantasy 7 - Tseng/Reno, Tseng/Zack, Zack/Reno, The Turks
Bleach - Byakuya/Renji, Byakuya/Kaien, Gin, Shuuhei, Grimmjow
The Walking Dead - Daryl, Carol, Merle, Tyreese, Glenn, Michonne (gen preferred)
Hannibal - Will, Hannibal, Bedelia, Beverley
Dislikes/squicks: mpreg, character bashing, scat/watersports

I'm sorry I was late, Neuro! Enjoy the rest of the week! Track this post to see your wishes and gifts as they arrive.
Tags: challenge: birthdays
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