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Swap of Joy presents for Galadriel!

The Fic Santa's visiting galadriel34 !! Gala- Since I'm not very well versed in Teen Wolf, I couldn't write an actual crossover for you. But I came up with a couple of ways to bring your faves into the picture. Hope you enjoy these. :)

Title: Guilty Pleasures are Better Shared
Format: Fic
Rating: Teen or M, depending on your view
Fandom/Pairing: H50 ~ McDanno
Summary: Danny's not-a-booty-call on Steve ends with them in bed. But not before he learns a thing or two about Steve's favorite TV show and how Steve likes to be kissed.
The Fic on AO3

Title: Closer AU
Format: Poster for an AU version of the movie "Closer" with quotes from the film as acted by our AU cast. ;)
Rating: G for the image, R for the movie quotes
Summary: The relationships of two couples become complicated and deceitful when their paths intersect.

The gift on AO3
Tags: challenge: swap of joy
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