kaige68 (kaige68) wrote in 1_million_words,

When Monday doesn't even happen on Tuesday.

So Monday was MONDAY here, and then Tuesday was out sick, so... Happy W-onday to all of your awesome selves!

Now let's get right to it - How awesome have you been? How awesome are you planning to be? Are your WIPs under control? Is your Swap of Joy all set? Are you wording your fingers off? Are your numbers updated? Have you invited all of your friends to the party that is us?


And while we've to you - What are your thoughts on next year? Are there things you think worked exceptionally well? Are there things that you think flopped? Do you have ideas you'd like to see implemented? Ideas you think were too much?

Obviously, we'll be looking for more volunteers. Is there something in particular you'd like to do? Would you like to host a monthly challenge?

Personally, I'm thinking I'll host rare pairs again in January, and that we'll bust the 100 in 100 challenge and the WIP push each down to twice a year. Yes? No?

Are you all decorated for your festive season? Are you already ready? Are you already underway? Are you so very looking forward to what our count will be in just two weeks?!?!?! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Happy whatever day it is to you!
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