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Daily Count goes to Candream

Hello all...

Hope you are having a good morning.

I got 209 words yesterday. I'm passing the torch to Candream.

Go get them words.

Word of the Day 10/19/19 Tellurian

Tellurian (adjective, noun)
tellurian [ te-loo?r-ee-uh?n ]

1. of or characteristic of the earth or its inhabitants; terrestrial.

2. an inhabitant of the earth.

terrestrial, secular, material, terrene, human, mortal, telluric, temporal, carnal, corporeal, earthbound, earthen, earthy, global, mundane, physical, profane, worldly, alluvial, subastral

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1840–50; < Latin tellur- (stem of tellus) earth + -ian

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Weekend Challenge: Perchance to Title

In my quest to find the perfect theme for my Weekend Challenge hosting gig this week, I happened to come across the most amazing title generator — and I instantly thought, hey, this would be a great theme! For example, this is the one I am looking at right now: friends like these are enemies (you ain't ever gonna burn out).

As you can see, very inspiring! So tell me how many titles you want, and I will go and generate them for you. Then you will have until 11:59pm Thursday in all timezones of the world to write at least 200 words or make some sort of graphic, and I will reward you with an icon or ficlet or progress on a WIP.

If you would rather just generate titles for yourself, or want the link to do more later, you can find this amazing relic here. Feel free to share the ones you got if you generated yourself!

Sorry this is so late. Accidentally fell asleep on the couch with the baby. I'm going to bed after I post this, but I will pass out prompts first thing in the morning!

Word of the Day 10/18/19 Emporium

Emporium (noun)
emporium [ em-pawr-ee-uhm, -pohr- ]

noun, plural em·po·ri·ums, em·po·ri·a [em-pawr-ee-uh, -pohr-] .
1. a large retail store, especially one selling a great variety of articles.
2. a place, town, or city of important commerce, especially a principal center of trade: New York is one of the world's great emporiums.

shop, mart, boutique, mall, outlet, bazaar, co-op, supermarket, chain, stand, store, galleria

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
1 market, marketplace, bazaar.

Origin: 1580–90; < Latin < Greek empórion market, emporium, equivalent to émporos merchant, orig. traveler, passenger (em- em-2 + póros passage, voyage; compare en póroi on a voyage, en route) + -ion noun suffix of place

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Word of the Day 10/17/19 Coalesce

Coalesce (verb)
coalesce [ koh-uh-les ]

verb (used without object), co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing.
1. to grow together or into one body: The two lakes coalesced into one.
2. to unite so as to form one mass, community, etc.: The various groups coalesced into a crowd.
3. to blend or come together: Their ideas coalesced into one theory.

verb (used with object), co·a·lesced, co·a·lesc·ing.
4. to cause to unite in one body or mass.

co·a·les·cence, noun
co·a·les·cent, adjective
non·co·a·les·cence, noun
non·co·a·les·cent, adjective
non·co·a·les·cing, adjective
un·co·a·les·cent, adjective

consolidate, integrate, fuse, unite, incorporate, cleave, wed, mingle, join, mix, relate, conjoin, associate, adhere, commingle, merge, amalgamate, bracket, combine, connect

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
1, 2 unite, combine, join.
2 amalgamate, fuse, blend, merge.

Origin: 1535–45; < Latin coalescere, equivalent to co- co- + al- (stem of alere to nourish, make grow) + -escere -esce

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

A to Z Challenge

You can post this on your own journal, your AO3, here or wherever you archive your works. Just leave us a link here if you can.

Now everyone give me a


Well, not *too* many words for me on my challenge day. But I did get some journaling done - and I'm hopeful for making some more time for creativity today. Maybe one of the bingo cards! Meantime, it's your turn, bizarra - I hope inspiration is on your side!

Word of the Day 10/16/19 Outré

Outré (adjective)
outré [ oo-trey ]

1. passing the bounds of what is usual or considered proper; unconventional; bizarre.

bizarre, extravagant, strange, unconventional

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1715–25; < French, past participle of outrer to push beyond bounds (see outrage)

She wore one of those tango gowns which was odd, outre and a bit daring.

But the real Bostonese do not run to outre stationery or other eccentricities.

Outre Mer, which had first appeared in part in a periodical, was very favorably received.

His costume of fringed buckskin was wild and outre even for our frontier camp.

Outre que l'me tant indivisible, sa prsence immdiate, qu'on pourrait s'imaginer dans le corps, ne serait que dans un point.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

So much for Monday...

Yeah, it was my turn to post for Monday, and what did I do? I completely forgot. Ah well, it's Wednesday here in NZ now, so how about I post anyway? I don't really have time to put up all the reminders for last week, so check the tags if you want to see what you missed! Don't forget there are some great Bingo cards up and also some cards for graphic inspiration in Inktober!

How are you doing with your Big Buddy? We're at about 48% for the current challenge, so check your numbers and tell me how you're doing, or let me know if you need help with encouragement to get those words in!

Otherwise, how are you planning to be fabulous for the rest of this week? For me, actually knuckling down and doing some work at the orifice would be great! And I hope to finish knitting my latest snood by the weekend - should be doable! Finally, if I can find time to make the Comment Fic reward banners, I will be VERY pleased, and should time allow, maybe I'll attempt some Inktober icons!

Word of the Day 10/15/19 Isobar

Isobar (noun)
isobar [ ahy-suh-bahr ]

1. Meteorology. a line drawn on a weather map or chart that connects points at which the barometric pressure is the same.
2. Also i·so·bare [ahy-suh-bair]. Physics, Chemistry. one of two or more atoms having equal atomic weights but different atomic numbers.

Compare isotope.

i·so·bar·ism, noun

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1860–65; < Greek isobarḗs “of equal weight,” from ísos iso- + báros “weight” (see bar)

In most cases the 29.80-inch isobar furnishes a good limit, out to which the isobars may be traced.

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Numbers Challenge

The rules are:

1. Each post is either a hundred words or more/ or you can make a graphic/art

2. However the number influences you, go with the flow! I don’t care how you use or abuse the number! (I’ll give some suggestions/ideas/other languages to help you along if you get stuck!)

3. Post anywhere – tumblr, amazon.com, your journal, AO3, the dreaded ff.net, your bedroom wall, etc.

4. There is NO time limit.

And the number shall be ...410!

Go forth and create!

Daily Count reminder

How is the writing thing going for you? Any bumps or hiccups in remembering the days you're accountable for?

If not, great! If so, that's still great! We're going to help you with that!

Here are the next 7 people for the month! Let's cheer them on to get those words!!

TU 15 – Dreamy
WE 16 – bizarra
TH 17 – weakmoments
FR 18 – sharpiesgal
SA 19 – candream

SU 20 – agdhani
MO 21 – cmk418

Happy continued writing!

Daily count challenge to Dreamy

After spending most of the day with my nephews (which can be almost more exhausting than going to work), I was able to write 373 words toward my still-in-progress Bingo fic.

Dreamy, you're up. Wishing you abundant creativity throughout the day. Happy writing!

Daily challenge to cmk418!

Words have been hard to come by this month so far — which is slightly concerning since I may have signed up for three Halloween fests. But I did manage 323 words yesterday! So I am considering that a success.

And now it's time for cmk418 to make all the words! Good luck to you!!

Word of the Day 10/14/19 Prévenance

Prévenance (noun)
prévenance [ preyvuh-nahns ]

noun, plural pré·ve·nances [preyvuh-nahns] for 2. French.
1. assiduity in anticipating or catering to the pleasures of others.
2. an instance of this.

Origin: French, from prévenant (present participle of prévenir to anticipate, from Latin praevenire to precede, anticipate), after such pairs as French abondant abundant (from Middle French abundant) : abondance abundance (from Middle French abundance)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Daily Words...

Ah yes...Saturday was me...and though I spent 3 hrs going through my NaNo outline, the rest was spent still recovering from the stress of our power outage so I totally spaced anything related to here...

like passing the torch on

flipflop_diva, hopefully you've got Sunday in hand ;)

Word of the Day 10/13/19 Galvanize

Galvanize (verb)
galvanize [ gal-vuh-nahyz ]

verb (used with object), gal·va·nized, gal·va·niz·ing.
1. to stimulate by or as if by a galvanic current.
2. Medicine/Medical. to stimulate or treat (muscles or nerves) with induced direct current (distinguished from faradize).
3. to startle into sudden activity; stimulate.
4. to coat (metal, especially iron or steel) with zinc.

Also especially British, gal·va·nise.

gal·va·ni·za·tion, noun
gal·va·niz·er, noun
non·gal·va·nized, adjective
pre·gal·va·nize, verb (used with object), pre·gal·va·nized, pre·gal·va·niz·ing.
re·gal·va·ni·za·tion, noun
re·gal·va·nize, verb (used with object), re·gal·va·nized, re·gal·va·niz·ing.
un·gal·va·nized, adjective

shock, energize, invigorate, stun, motivate, excite, jolt, startle, arouse, stir, frighten, provoke, spur, astonish, prime, thrill, pique, fire, move, electrify

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
3. rouse, stir, electrify, fire, spur, animate.

Origin: 1795–1805; < French galvaniser, named after Luigi Galvani; see -ize

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Word of the Day 10/12/19 Rarefied

Rarefied (adjective)
rarefied [ rair-uh-fahyd ]

1. extremely high or elevated; lofty; exalted: the rarefied atmosphere of a scholarly symposium.
2. of, belonging to, or appealing to an exclusive group; select; esoteric: rarefied tastes.

ul·tra·rar·e·fied, adjective
un·rar·e·fied, adjective

exalted, esoteric, lofty, select, elevated, private, cliquish

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: First recorded in 1625–35; rarefy + -ed

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

August Rush rewards: at long last!

Hey everyone, I know I'm behind with a bunch of stuff, so let's just get cracking! Here's the first bunch of Challenge rewards I owe, the ones from this year's August Rush! If you participated, your banner is under the cut!

Rush to the banners!Collapse )

Word of the Day 10/11/19 Epistolary

Epistolary (adjective)
epistolary [ ih-pis-tl-er-ee ]

1. contained in or carried on by letters: an epistolary friendship.
2. of, relating to, or consisting of letters.

un·e·pis·to·lar·y, adjective

Origin: First recorded in 1650–60, epistolary is from the Latin word epistolāris of, belonging to a letter. See epistle, -ar

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Say What Friday

Happy Friday y'all....

The weekend is here and a time to celebrate. Monday is Columbus Day in the States and Thanksgiving in Canada. Woot!

This week's quote is especially for Haldoor.

"Can't explain the likes of me."

Jimmy Buffett (One Particular Harbor)

Everybody have fun with it.

Weekend Challenge - Song Snippets

Happy Weekend! Time to relax (or not) and play a little. I get plenty of time with my two youngest nephews this weekend, the youngest of which is 5 and quite the storyteller, so I may get a bit of inspiration from him as we're building castles and playing with dinosaurs.

For your challenge, I've taken a phrase or line from 50 songs on my "women artists" playlist (you're welcome to judge my musical taste or lack thereof). Use all or part of it and/or the song title as your prompt.

So if you're in, give me a number from 1 to 50. Choose as many numbers as you like. If you respond with a 200-word drabble or a bit of art by Thursday, October 17, I will write a drabble of your choosing in one of these fandoms or add words to my WIP.

Have a great time and happy writing!

Daily Count goes to Weakmoments

Hello all. Hope everyone had a good Thursday.

I did. Got some housework down. Spent time with my girls. They love going outside for walks.

I, also, managed to jot down 440 words on two stories. Yay me!!!

I now pass the torch onto weakmoments. I wish you good luck and many words.

Word of the Day 10/10/19 Purify

Purify (verb)
pu·ri·fy [pyoor-uh-fahy]
(previously 05-24-13)

verb (used with object)
1. to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates: to purify metals.
2. to free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements: to purify a language.
3. to free from guilt or evil.
4. to clear or purge (usually followed by of or from ).
5. to make clean for ceremonial or ritual use.

verb (used without object)
6. to become pure.

pu·ri·fi·ca·tion, noun
pu·rif·i·ca·to·ry [pyoo-rif-i-kuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee] , adjective
pu·ri·fi·er, noun
non·pu·ri·fi·ca·tion, noun
non·pu·ri·fy·ing, adjective
re·pu·ri·fi·ca·tion, noun
re·pu·ri·fy, verb, re·pu·ri·fied, re·pu·ri·fy·ing.
self-pu·ri·fy·ing, adjective
un·pu·ri·fied, adjective
un·pu·ri·fy·ing, adjective

absolve, atone, wash, lustrate, fumigate, expiate, purge, decontaminate, sanitize, exculpate, aerate, oxygenate, clarify, redeem, shrive, cleanse, exonerate, chasten, sublimate, deodorize

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1250–1300; Middle English purifien < Middle French purifier < Latin purificare. See pure, -ify

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

A to Z Challenge

You can post this on your own journal, your AO3, here or wherever you archive your works. Just leave us a link here if you can.

Now everyone give me an



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