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Word of the Day 12/07/19 Wassail

Wassail (noun, verb)
wassail [wos-uh l, -eyl, was-, wo-seyl]
(previously 12-22-14)

1. a salutation wishing health to a person, used in England in early times when presenting a cup of drink or when drinking to the person.
2. a festivity or revel with drinking of healths.
3. liquor for drinking and wishing health to others on festive occasions, especially spiced ale, as on Christmas Eve and Twelfth-night.
4. Archaic. a song sung in wassailing.

verb (used without object)
5. to revel with drinking.

verb (used with object)
6. to drink to the health or success of; toast.

was·sail·er, noun

ceremony, festivity, carousal, frolic, blowout, festival, merrymaking, merriment, shindig, joviality, hullabaloo, revelry, gala, party, spree, blast, bash, hoopla, jubilee, carouse

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Origin: 1175-1225; Middle English was-hail, equivalent to was be ( Old English wæs, variant of wes, imperative of wesan to be; akin to was ) + hail hale1, in good health (< Old Norse heill hale); replacing Old English wæs hal be hale or whole. See whole, heal

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MCU: Nat yellow

Passing the Daily Challenge to agdhani!

Oops, this is very late, because I forgot yesterday was my day. Also I wrote 0 words. I just got back from my work trip, and my brain was too dead to be productive. But I have an open Word doc in front of me now and I am settling down to write some words. A day late, but better than never!

agdhani, you are up today, and I hope you have much better luck and make lots and lots of words!
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Word of the Day 12/06/19 Carol

Carol (noun, verb)
carol [kar-uh l]
(previously 12-23-14)

1. a song, especially of joy.
2. a Christmas song or hymn.
3. a seat in a bay window or oriel.
4. a compartment in a cloister, similar to a carrel.
5. a kind of circular dance.

verb (used without object), caroled, caroling or (especially British) carolled, carolling.
6. to sing Christmas songs or hymns, especially in a group performing in a public place or going from house to house.
7. to sing, especially in a lively, joyous manner; warble.

verb (used with object), caroled, caroling or (especially British) carolled, carolling.
8. to sing joyously.
9. to praise or celebrate in song.

car·ol·er; especially British, car·ol·ler, noun
out·car·ol, verb (used with object), out·car·oled, out·car·ol·ing or (especially British) out·car·olled, out·car·ol·ling.
un·car·oled, adjective
un·car·olled, adjective

song, chorus, strain, lay, ditty, ballad, madrigal, canticle, Noel, canzonet

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Origin: 1250-1300; Middle English carole ring, circle (of stones), enclosed place for study (see carrel ), ringdance with song (hence, song) < Anglo-French carole, Old French *corole (compare Old Provençal corola), apparently < Latin corolla garland (see corolla ), conflated with Latin choraula < Greek choraúles piper for choral dance, equivalent to chor (ós) chorus + -aules, derivative of aulós pipe

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Weekend Challenge - The Music of Travis

Happy Friday!

This weekend, I've put together a list of 82 song titles from the Scottish band Travis, everything from "New Shoes" to "Paperclips" to "Why Does It Always Rain on Me?" So give me a number or numbers from 1-82 or a random number of prompts that you would like and I'll prompt you.

If you put together a 200-word drabble or some art by midnight next Thursday, I'm happy to award you with a drabble (my listing of fandoms is here) or words to my WIP.

Have fun & happy writing!
roses::by any other name

Word of the Day 12/05/19 Tintinnabulation

Tintinnabulation (noun)
tintinnabulation [tin-ti-nab-yuh-ley-shuh n]
(previously 12-24-14)

1. the ringing or sound of bells.

sound, noise, ringing, jingle, chime, clangor, clanging

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Origin: 1825-35, Americanism; < Latin tintinnabul (um) bell (see tintinnabular ) + -ation

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NSYNC::fan for life

Word of the Day 12/04/19 Happiness

Happiness (noun)
happiness [hap-ee-nis]
(previously 12-23-15)

1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.

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1, 2. pleasure, joy, exhilaration, bliss, contentedness, delight, enjoyment, satisfaction. Happiness, bliss, contentment, felicity imply an active or passive state of pleasure or pleasurable satisfaction. Happiness results from the possession or attainment of what one considers good: the happiness of visiting one's family. Bliss is unalloyed happiness or supreme delight: the bliss of perfect companionship. Contentment is a peaceful kind of happiness in which one rests without desires, even though every wish may not have been gratified: contentment in one's surroundings. Felicity is a formal word for happiness of an especially fortunate or intense kind: to wish a young couple felicity in life.

1. misery.

Origin: 1520-30; happy + -ness

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November stats!

Hello everyone, I am late, but I'm here with November figures at last! Hey, I'm I'm 3 days earlier than I was after October...


Image word: 1,825 x 1,000. This is up by 80 wonderful images this month!

Written word: 2,369,998 . We've increased this by a fantastic 193,273!!!

1_million_words Total words to date 2019: 4,194,998

YAY!!!! You guys totally rock and November was AWESOME! Can we make December so incredible that we get to the 4.5 mill? WE CAN DO IT!!!

Let's be creative out there!!! ;-)