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Word of the Day 01/05/17 Farther

Farther (adverb, adjective)
farther [fahr-th er]

adverb, compar. of far with farthest as superl.
1. at or to a greater distance: He went farther down the road.
2. at or to a more advanced point: They are going no farther in their studies.
3. at or to a greater degree or extent: The application of the law was extended farther.

adjective, compar. of far with farthest as superl.
4. more distant or remote than something or some place nearer: the farther side of the mountain.
5. extending or tending to a greater distance: He made a still farther trip.
6. Nonstandard. further.

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Can be confused
father, further (see usage note)

Usage note
Although some usage guides insist that only farther should be used for physical distance (We walked farther than we planned), farther and further have been used interchangeably throughout much of their histories. However, only further is used in the adverbial sense “moreover” (Further, you hurt my feelings) and in the adjectival senses “more extended” (no further comment) and “additional” (Further bulletins came in).

The expression all the farther (or further) in place of as far as occurs chiefly in informal speech: This is all the farther the train goes.

Origin: 1300-50; Middle English ferther; orig. variant of further

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Daily Count

didn't get as many words as I wanted today (I blame Casanova/Diego Luna for that...ehem...) but I'm only 150 words off my count, so I'm okay with that. thtwzjustadream, you're up next!

A to Z Challenge

And it begins again!

You can post this on your own journal, your AO3, here or wherever you archive your works. Just leave us a link here if you can.

Now everyone give me an


Word of the Day 01/04/17 Capitol

Capitol (noun)
Capitol [kap-i-tl]

1. the building in Washington, D.C., used by the Congress of the U.S. for its sessions.
2. (often lowercase) a building occupied by a state legislature.
3. the ancient temple of Jupiter at Rome, on the Capitoline.
4. the Capitoline.

Can be confused

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1690-1700, Americanism; < Latin capitōlium temple of Jupiter on Capitoline hill, Rome, taken to be a derivative of caput head; replacing Middle English capitolie < Old North French

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Graphic Shout Out

smallfandombang is in search of artists for their latest big bang. If you are interested in upping your graphic word count this year, this is the perfect way to do so since they rarely have enough artists to sign up in the first place.

I would appreciate it if you would check them out, and maybe in the next month or so we'll be paired up. :)


nync2 photo nync2_zps6xlde2sn.jpg

Alright folks! Monthly challenge is starting a few days late, you have my profound apologies, but on the other hand, I won't call until the end of February! IT'S ALL WIN!

This is going to be just like the Pool Parties, and as it's summer somewhere *cough*haldoor*cough* you can jump in if you'd like.

The object of this game is to get you playing with characters you haven't played with before. Whether it's a fandom you've never tried or new original characters that have started to chat in your head, it's time to shuffle those cards and see what you can deal!

1,000 written words or 10 graphics gets you in!

Who's sitting down to play?

w00t Day

Oh man, let's face the fact that I am just not good at weekends. I have limited internet and tend to hibernate. But I'm here, and guess what? YOU ARE ALL SO VERY AWESOME!

OVER TWELVE AND A HALF MILLION WORDS! It's kinda freaking amazing that we can quantify our awesome like this!

Now, on to the important things! How are you going to be awesome this year? This month? This week? Are you ready? Are you braced? How are you going to make 2017 awesome!

I am starting by cleaning out my craft closet, and perhaps getting the laundry out of it. *headdesk*

2017 is so going to be our year!!!

DCC for this week will be
Jan 3rd - slashluv18 (I know it's late, but give yourself 24 hours from reading this)
Jan 4th - agdhani
Jan 5th - thtwzjustadream
Jan 6th - kaige68
Jan 7th - flipflop_diva
Jan 8th - dracosdreamer
Jan 9th - severina2001


Word of the Day 01/03/17 Lunation

Lunation (noun)
lunation [loo-ney-shuh n]

1. the period of time from one new moon to the next (about 29½ days); a lunar month.

Origin: 1350-1400; Middle English lunacyon < Medieval Latin lūnātiōn- (stem of lūnātiō). See Luna, -ation

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Daily Count Challenge to Haldoor!!!!

Oh man, almost total mod-fail on my part this weekend.

I will get a schedule together for the DCC and for the month challenge and for Monday and ALL THE THINGS tomorrow, but for right now, haldoor get us going!!!

Word of the Day 01/02/17 Capital

Capital (noun, adjective)
capital [kap-i-tl]

1. the city or town that is the official seat of government in a country, state, etc.: Tokyo is the capital of Japan.
2. a city regarded as being of special eminence in some field of activity: New York is the dance capital of the world.
3. capital letter.
4. the wealth, whether in money or property, owned or employed in business by an individual, firm, corporation, etc.
5. an accumulated stock of such wealth.
6. any form of wealth employed or capable of being employed in the production of more wealth.
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Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Volunteers & Ideas, please!

Here we are, kicking off a new year at our favourite comm! Welcome back everyone; I hope you're refreshed and ready to create! If you're new, welcome! Don't be afraid to drop in and say hi! If you're a member but haven't been here in a while, welcome back! We're happy to have you all; hope to help inspire your creativity in 2017, and count your words towards our brand new total for this year.

The count posts are up and linked at the top left on the comm page - add in your comment so you can add to your count through the year - this is where we'll be picking up the numbers at the end of each month, so bookmark it if you want, but they'll be linked there all year, and we normally include a link in any reminder post.

Now, on to how YOU can help everyone else, and most especially your mods! We've got a Pool Party Challenge for this month, which kaige68 will be posting about soon. As for the rest of the year... this is where you guys come in.

We're looking for volunteers to help out with challenges and regular posts, so put your hand up by commenting on one of the threads in this post! Just tell us what kind of challenge you'd like to help with - if you've been with us a while you'll have an idea of the sort of things we normally run during the year - and tell us when is good/not good for you, and we'll add you to this year's list of helpers! If you're new to the comm, here's where you can offer up ideas, or check out what others say and add your voice to the party!

Volunteers and ideas required; details hereunder!Collapse )

Now, don't be afraid! Come on down and tell us what you want, and how you'd like to help!

2017 Graphic Word Count

Last updated January 2, 2017


2017 Written Word Count

Last updated January 2, 2017





Okay, no, we didn't make last year's numbers, but we did pretty damn stunning. Go through the list of numbers that people posted of their counts and look at what your friends have done. We all get down on ourselves, think we aren't doing what we think we 'should'. But those numbers, man! Those numbers say that we are pretty freaking amazing. A group of friends, encouraging each other to go for it at their hobbies got together over twelve and a half million bits of creation! BEAT THAT WITH A STICK! I'm crying now from the swell of the awesome.

Here are the numbers:

Image word: 8,925 x 1,000. This is up 513 from last month! GO US!

Written word: 3,719,731. Up an insane 698,984 from last month! SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND!

That means the increase for the month was ONE POINT TWO MILLION!!!!! And you think you were slacking!

1_million_words Total words 2016: 12,664,731!

I am so very proud to count you all as friends. So proud to count myself amoung you.

Look out 2017!



 photo AWESOME_zpsttrea5kd.png


Word of the Day 01/01/17 Suffrage


Suffrage (noun)
suffrage [suhf-rij]

1. the right to vote, especially in a political election.
2. a vote given in favor of a proposed measure, candidate, or the like.
3. Ecclesiastical. a prayer, especially a short intercessory prayer or petition.

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com

Origin: 1350-1400; Middle English < Latin suffrāgium voting tablet, vote, equivalent to Latin suffrāg(ārī) to vote for, support + -ium -ium

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.

Update your numbers!!

We have less than 10 hours until it's 2017 everywhere! Get that one more word in!!!!



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