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Bingo prompts please!

bingo balls-small.jpg................

Alrighty! We had some great suggestions for Bingo categories, and I have made the decision to go with the following six suggestions:

Song Titles

So here's your chance to suggest prompts under the above categories! Throw them this way! I will screen the replies so we get some surprises when the cards are done. Prompts need to be in by 8am Sunday my time, which is... uh... 8pm Saturday GMT since we just went into daylight saving last weekend. I will leave you to sort out what time that is in your time zone, because it's Friday here and my brain doesn't want to go there. ;-)

Anyhoo, once the prompts are in, I will have my wonderful helpers assist me with cards, and a rules post will go up on Sunday evening my time, which is Sunday morning for most of you, yes, I speak to you from the future!!! and then we will kick OCTOBER 2017 BINGO off for real on Monday 2nd October!

Prompt away!


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