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Birthday Challenge for 2016

Mmm I'm gonna do this because I love writing giftfics and it's only the first week of the year right now so we have time for sign-ups!

Rules are the same as 2015's:
1. Post a new comment below, using the template provided, to tell everyone when your birthday is and what you want as a gift. Please try to include at least one reasonably popular fandom for better matches! There's no limit on how many you can list.
2. All participants, please create at least 3-4 gifts for others throughout the year! Big or small, doesn't matter, so long as you do something. You wouldn't want some poor person to be without a gift, would you?

At the beginning of every month, there'll be a reminder post listing all the birthdays this month, and on the actual date there'll be a post where everyone can link or post their gifts.

Feel free to add to the list at any point in time during the year, so long as your birthday has yet to pass and you're willing to make gifts for others.


To quote haldoor from last year, "The more the merrier, remember, and don't be shy! Remember, every word counts towards our final goal for the year!"

15 Jan - angelus2hot
18 Jan - flipflop_diva
24 Jan - flyingharmony
09 Feb - lanalucy
02 Mar - severina2001
05 Apr - agdhani
18 Apr - katleept
27 Apr - mierke
19 May - theladymore
31 May - tkeylasunset
01 Jun - starry_wolf
14 Jun - lotrspnfangirl
17 Jun - candream
24 Jun - craterdweller
29 Jun - jesseofthenorth
14 Jul - guineamania
20 Jul - dracosdreamer
21 Jul - thtwzjustadream
14 Aug - haldoor
26 Aug - tellshannon815
29 Aug - llblckraincloud
9 Sep - simplyn2deep
9 Oct - kaige68
1 Nov - elasticella
7 Nov - shinysylver
13 Dec - kitmerlot1213


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Jan. 8th, 2016 02:12 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 01 Jun
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
- Full list here
- Main megafandoms: Star Wars (prefer Jedi Apprentice, Prequel Trilogy, Clone Wars and TFA), Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Bleach.
- Favourite characters: Kurosaki Ichigo, Urahara Kisuke, Shihouin Yoruichi, Cloud Strife, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clint Barton, etc. - basically I have a predilection for either strong female characters or broken characters doing their best to hold themselves together/doing much better after past trauma, so even if they're not explicitly listed here, if you know I like the fandom and your character fits the bill then go ahead!
- Main ships: Kisuke/Ichigo (Bleach), Squall/Cloud (Square Enix), Phil/Clint (MCU), Derek/Stiles (Teen Wolf), James/Alec/Q (James Bond movies), and M/M original fiction. I rarely ship anything, and rarely hate any ship (anything that's safe+sane+consensual makes me happy, but there are sadly many canon pairings that have trouble with this aspect).
- M/M or Gen (yes I actually really like genfic)
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit):
- Anything up to explicit is fine with me
- Any!
Prompts and/or special requests:
- Sassy quips, found families, BAMF characters, world-building, realism, missing scenes, hardcore angst (no happy ending required), "they're in a bad situation and they gotta get out of this alive" trope
- For ship-fic (platonic or romantic): soulmates (I find tattoos too cliche but don't mind it too much), reincarnation/parallel universes where they always find each other, established relationship, hurt/comfort
- Fanart for my fics are always welcome
- If making sigtags, please put Starrie Wolf / Team Clubs
- Characters being forced into embarrassing themselves in a socially awkward situation.
- Underage/dubcon/noncon/humiliation/abuse within the specified relationship.
- I'm not a fan of mundane-type fluff, but it's not a squick either.

Edited at 2016-01-24 04:43 pm (UTC)
Jan. 8th, 2016 02:57 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 05/19
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): Star Wars (Han/Leia, Finn/Rey, Finn/Poe, Hux/Kylo Han, Leia, Rey, Finn, Luke, Poe, Kylo, Captain Phasma), SGA (John/Elizabeth, Elizabeth/Kolya, Ronon/Teyla, Ensemble), AOS (Coulson/May, Lincoln/Daisy, Fitzsimmons Melinda May, Phil Coulson), MCU (Clint/Natasha, Steve/Sam, Sif/Thor, Peggy/Steve)
Het/slash/gen: All goes
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): All goes
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: All goes
Prompts and/or special requests: I really Like kink man.
DNWs: No death or angst. Its my Bday I dont wanna cry!
Jan. 8th, 2016 03:54 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 14 Jul
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
(I like many things :D)
Star Wars - Finn/Poe, Finn/Poe/Rey, Leia/Han. anything with Poe Dameron or Badass Leia
Avengers (MCU or Comicverse) - Wanda/Bucky, Wanda/Vision, Clint/Laura
Les Miserables - Grantaire/Enjolras, Grantaire/Combeferre, Cosette/Marius, Cosette/Eponine, Eponine/Combeferre
Man from UNCLE - Illya/Napoleon
Glee - Kurt/Blaine, Quinn/Puck
Daredevil - Gen, Lawyer!Matt, Team Friendship, Jessica Jones Crossover
Jessica Jones - Gen. Daredevil Crossover
White Collar - Peter/El, Peter/Neal/El, Chuck crossover
Chuck - Chuck/Bryce, Devon/Ellie, Morgan/Alex, White Collar Crossover (Neal and Bryce twins or Neal is Bryce)
Once Upon a Time - Killian/Emma
Arrow - Oliver/Felicity, Thea/Roy, Sara/Nyssa, Laurel/Tommy, Oliver & Barry Friendship, Constantine
Flash - Oliver & Barry Friendship
Legends of Tomorrow - Sara & Snart friendship
Supergirl - James/Kara
Quantico - Alex/Ryan, Simon
Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Jake/Amy
The Musketeers - D'Artagnan/Constance, Bad Ass Constance, Team Fic
Doctor Who - Ten/Rose, Nine/Rose, Ten Two and Rose, Captain Jack (especially meeting the Ponds and Eleven)
Robin Hood BBC - Team Fic, Robin/Marian
Atlantis - Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras friendship and mishaps
Black Sails - JOHN SILVER (I love him with all my might), James Flint, Silverflint (I am Silverflint trash and proud!) John Silver/Madi
Black Flag - Edward Kenway, Kenway and Adewale friendship
Het/slash/gen: I like gen in all of the above as well as the mentioned pairings
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Mature please, don't want sexy times
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Anything, i will take anything you throw at me
Prompts and/or special requests: Nothing really, I love Space and generally like cliche AUs. Crossovers are always loved: literally crossover the Avengers with anyone and I love the DC TV universe mixups. Also I love Daredevil team friendship (sobs) and Arrow team friendship (sobs again). New found love: manipulative John Silver (he's just so damn charming). I am Silverflint trash and will take anything with these two in love, pirate husbands all the way. I also like Dom/sub (no sexual submission) but with the roles the unlikely way round like: sub Matt and Dom Foggy, sub Oliver and dom Felicity. I also love Dom!Flint and Sub!Silver. But yeah whatever cliche AUs you can come up with I will take: coffee shop, soul mates, high school ...
DNWs: Sexy times, non-canon character death

Edited at 2016-07-11 09:06 pm (UTC)
Jan. 8th, 2016 05:16 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): May 31
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): Hawaii Five-0 - Steve/Danny; Star Trek - Kirk/Spock (TOS or movies); Castle (Kate & Rick) for graphics
Het/slash/gen: Slash or Gen please
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Any ratings are welcome
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: All of these would be awesome
Prompts and/or special requests: I am graphics fail so headers/icons/graphics of any kind would be awesome
DNWs: heavy kink
Jan. 8th, 2016 06:06 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 18 Jan.
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
MCU: Steve/Natasha (OTP <333), Natasha, Steve/Natasha/Sam(/Bucky), Natasha/Maria, Natasha/Wanda, Clint & Natasha being bros
Agents of SHIELD: Jemma/Bobbi/Skye (or any combo of)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens: Finn/Rey/Poe
Quantico: Alex/Shelby, Alex/Shelby/Ryan
Supergirl: Kara/James/Winn, Kara & Alex, Kara/Lucy
Harry Potter: Harry/Hermione, Hermione/Pansy, the Trio, Luna/Neville, Harry/Katie, most any other character of the Trio's generation
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Every character :), Rosa, Amy, Jake, Holt, Rosa/Amy
Chicago Fire/PD: Every character, all forms of femslash, Erin/Severide, Gaby/Casey, Kim, Sylvie

Het/slash/gen: Het, femslash or gen
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Any!
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Any!
Prompts and/or special requests:
• I love angst, I love hurt/comfort, I love sweet, I love smut, I love slice of life, I love dark fic. Missing moments, first times, five times fic, women being badass, women taking care of each other. All of that is A++.
• Crossovers, fusions and canon divergent AUs
• Sigtags! Kristine | Hufflepuff (for HiH) and Kristine | Hearts (for Game of Cards) are always welcome <333
DNWs: I prefer no mpreg, slash or over-the-top fluff

Thank you! <333
Jan. 8th, 2016 06:46 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 13 Dec.
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
BBC Sherlock: John/Sherlock romance or friendship, Mycroft/Lestrade romance or friendship, Mrs. Hudson being awesome
Elementary: Joan/Sherlock friendship, Sherlock/Jamie Moriarty romance, Ms. Hudson or Capt. Gregson being awesome
Hawaii Five-0: Steve/Danny romance or friendship, Chin being awesome
The Flash: Barry/Caitlin friendship, Cisco/Barry bromance, Dr. Welles being awesome, Caitlin/Jay romance or friendship, Captain Cold/Barry frienemies
Supergirl: Kara and Alex sisterly bond, Kara/Adam romance, Kara/Barry romance or friendship, Cat Grant being awesome
Smallville: Chloe/Lex romance, Chloe/Oliver romance, Chloe/Davis romance
Star Wars: Leia/Han romance, Luke/Han bromance, R2D2 being awesome
Pretty Little Liars: Hanna/Caleb, the girls' friendships
Het/slash/gen: I love it all
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit):Any rating works for me
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: I adore them all
Prompts and/or special requests:I love the idea of characters falling in love while solving a case/mystery or going from friends to lovers, I love fluffy, romantic stories, I love angst with a happy ending, and I also love action/adventure stories
DNWs: I am not a fan of dubcon or noncom or any form of abuse.

Edited at 2016-04-01 01:20 pm (UTC)
Jan. 8th, 2016 09:55 pm (UTC)
Oops, I think I may have went overboard with fandoms/pairings

Birthdate (DD MMM): January 15
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
Charmed: Cole Turner/Phoebe Halliwell (my OTP)
Doctor Who(2005): Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Bitten: Clayton Danvers/Elena Michaels
Once Upon A Time: Rumple(Mr. Gold)/Belle, Captain Hook/Emma Swan, Prince Charming/Hook, Graham Humbert/Emma Swan, Neal Cassidy/Emma Swan
Merlin BBC: Lancelot/Merlin
Supernatural: Dean Winchester/Benny Lafitte, John Winchester/Jo Harvelle
Being Human US: Aidan Waite (I haven't found a pairing I like with him yet but I've only seen the first season so far)
Stargate Atlantis: John Sheppard/Ronon Dex, John Sheppard/Carson Beckett, John Sheppard/Cameron Mitchell, or John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
The Originals: Klaus Michaelson/Cami, Marcellus Gerard/Rebekah Michaelson(season 1)
True Blood: Bill Compton/Sookie Stackhouse(let's pretend the show ended at season 2 please)
The Vampire Diaries: Damon/Elena, Damon/Elena/Stefan (let's pretend the show ended at the end of season 4 please)
Star Trek TOS: Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Rand
Friends: Richard Burke/Monica Geller
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Angel(Angelus), Angel(Angelus)/Buffy, Angel/Buffy Summers/Riley Finn, Riley Finn/Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles/Buffy Summers, Spike/Buffy Summers, Angel/Buffy Summers/Spike
Fifty Shades of Grey: Christian Grey/Anastasia Steele
Dark Matter: Three!!
The Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield (paired with Kili or Bilbo)
Sherlock BBC: Sherlock (gen is more than fine but for pairings with John Watson or Molly Hooper)

Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer: John Winchester/Buffy Summers
Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries: Dean Winchester/Damon Salvatore

Het/slash/gen: Het, Slash or gen.
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): As high or low as you'd like
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes:I love icons, wallpapers(1920x1080), banners/ovebars, and fics... pretty much anything with the men I have listed and I am a very happy camper.
Prompts and/or special requests: For fics: happy ending, romance, fluff, slice of life, hurt/comfort, first time, begging, role playing, happy endings
Oh and if writing or making graphics with Cole/Phoebe(Charmed) just pretend he didn't die. The same with Bill/Sookie(True Blood), Neal Cassidy/Emma Swan(OuaT), Thorin Oakenshield/Kili) and Merlin/Lancelot(Merlin)

For graphics I prefer darker colors. My favorite colors are black or dark blue and black/white

DNWs: Character death, mpreg, genderbender, watersports, scat, RPF, AU(rockstar/coffeshop, etc...),Human(turning vampires into humans), femslash

Edited at 2016-01-08 09:59 pm (UTC)
Jan. 8th, 2016 11:18 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 14 June
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):Supernatural RPS - Jared, Jensen, Misha; Character -- Castiel, Dean, Sam -- any combination. Arrow - Felicity/Oliver, Oliver/Roy Harper. LotR RPS - Monaboyd. Once Upon A Time - Emma/Hook, Regina/Emma. Harry Potter - Draco, Harry, Ron, Hermione -- any combination.
Het/slash/gen: I Prefer Slash but anything goes
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Explicit
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Anything
Prompts and/or special requests: I love everything pretty much! I'm super easy!
DNWs: Scat and watersports and beastiality (though I love ABO. Just not... intimacy with pets.)

Edited at 2016-01-19 01:35 pm (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2016 01:17 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM):24 Jun
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): Up to datish list
OTPs Jack O'Neill/Sam Carter (Stargate SG-1), Beverly Crusher/Jean-Luc Picard (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Castle/Beckett (Castle), Monroe/Rosalee (Grimm). Otherwise I'm pretty open minded
Het/slash/gen: ok with any
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): any
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: love them all. Wallpapers size is 1440x900.
Prompts and/or special requests: nope - thanks in advance - i'm sure i'll love whatever you make me
DNWs: I only have few - not really into A/B/O, mpreg, scat or animal cruelty.

Edited at 2016-01-09 01:17 am (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2016 02:26 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM):July 21st
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
H50 -McDanno
SPN- Destiel or Team Free Will Genfic
Suits - Mike/Harvey
Fringe - Polivia and Lincoln/Lincoln
Torchwood - Janto
LOST - Jawyer or Jack/Kate/Sawyer or Kate/Claire/Sawyer post S6
Het/slash/gen:Slash or Gen or the OT3s above
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit):Heaven knows, anything goes
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.:Any gifts are welcome!
Prompts and/or special requests:I will appreciate any b'day gift, absolutely.
DNWs:I used to say no fluff but then I got this amaaaazing fluffy fic, so.... now I know to not limit the artist re: genre. I guess I'd say no Dean with anyone but Castiel, and no Steve or Danny with anyone else. That's all.

Edited at 2016-01-09 02:28 am (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2016 02:55 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): January 24th
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
Harry Potter: Lucius/Narcissa, Druella/Cygnus, Andromeda/Ted; Narcissa, Andromeda, Druella all alone or together, anything Black sisters related (but mostly Andromeda and Narcissa) whether shippy or not
ASOIAF/Game Of Thrones: Catelyn/Ned; Catelyn
Addams Family (TV 1964): Morticia/Gomez or Morticia alone! I ADORE MORTICIA <3333.
The Mummy Returns: Evelyn/Rick; Evie alone
Het, gen or femmeslash
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit):
Any! But preferably up to M/R
Either! Any! ♥
Prompts and/or special requests:
Angst! I'm a huge sucker for angst; if you choose to give me something angsty I will adore you forever! ♥ (Hurt/Comfort, dark-ish angsty romance, unbreakable bonds between characters and adoration even int he darkest of times, etc etc etc...)
For Harry Potter, PLEASE NO ABUSIVE/CHEATING CYGNUS OR LUCIUS. And in general, NO PWP and general super hard kinks or very graphic torture/violence. Hints are just fine and I have no problem with smut scenes, just nothing super extreme, please! Oh, and I'm not a huge fan of AUs, either. And perhaps no super rainbow fluff alone fluff - that would contradict my adoration for angst <333.

Edited at 2016-01-09 02:57 am (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2016 05:37 am (UTC)
Birthdate: 09 FEB
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like: My OTP is Kara/Lee on BSG, and I also love Kara/Helo. Other f/p/c - Farscape - John/Aeryn, XF - Mulder/Scully, Blade - Abby/King, Grimm - Nick, Buffy - any of the Scooby Gang, Leverage - Eliot/Parker/Hardison or E/P or P/H, Firefly - any, especially Simon/Kaylee, ST:AOS - any of the core crew. There are so many more, I can't even remember them. The bottom line is, if you're excited about a pairing or idea, create it and I'll love it. Really, your enthusiasm shines through even when I'm not familiar with a fandom. I'm totally easy to please.
Het/slash/gen: Het, Gen, Slash, in that order
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Explicit, baby! (any rating is fine with me.) Dark or light as the muse moves you.
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Whatever grabs you at the time
Prompts and/or special requests: I'm a big fan of first times, friends-to-lovers, hurt/comfort, angsty fluff, babies, kittens, sexytimes...lol
DNWs: gratuitous child or animal abuse, scat, watersports, Lee/Dee.

Edited at 2016-02-01 04:12 am (UTC)
Jan. 9th, 2016 08:07 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 02 March
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
* Once Upon a Time - Rumple, Rumple/Belle (no Frozen characters please)
* Stargate Universe - Rush, Rush/Chloe
* Black Sails - Vane, Vane/Abigail
* The Walking Dead - Daryl, Daryl/Beth, Daryl/Glenn
* Live Free or Die Hard - John, John/Matt
* Oz - Keller/Beecher, Murphy/McManus
Het/slash/gen: What the pairings say. I like all the things.
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Anything
* Sigtags, 300 x 150, static only please. For Severina/Team Dish: ANY character from any of the above TV shows. For Severina/Team Summer: ANY character from OUAT (minus Frozen) or Stargate Universe.
*Fanfic - anything with my fave characters or pairings.
Prompts and/or special requests: Nope! I'm sure I will love whatever you come up with. :)
DNWs: rape/noncon, mpreg, AUs of the "x is a firefighter" type
Jan. 9th, 2016 03:16 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): Apri 5
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
Gee...this list could go on...lol
Constantine (John and anyone, Chas and Zed); Black Sails (Vane/Flint) Walking Dead (Rick/Daryl) Star Trek (anything with Spock...just don't let him die) Supernatural (brownie points if you can include Balthazar and/or Gabriel) Marvel Universe (Coulson, Hawkeye, Thor) Sherlock (Sherlock and Watson) LOTR/Hobbit (Boromir/Celeborn/Thorin/Bilbo/Gil-gilad) Hannibal (Hannibal/Will) Game of Thrones (Jorah and anybody...bonus pts if you can logically pull of Jorah and Tyrion) Dr. Who/Torchwood (more bonus pts for Jack Harkness & either 10 or 12) Star Wars (give me some Poe!) and lastly Hemlock Grove (Peter/Roman)
Het/slash/gen: Most of my preferred pairings are slash...but I'll take anything :)
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): whatever you got, throw it at me!
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: I'm easy...it's all good
Prompts and/or special requests: hmmm...bonus points for bare feet ;)
DNWs: as long as there's no eye injuries, I'm open for anything.

Edited at 2016-01-09 03:16 pm (UTC)
Jan. 18th, 2016 11:03 pm (UTC)
Jumping on your bandwagon with the no eye injuries thing, I have that phobia. If you haven't already seen Gotham, I'm warning you now, you may want to avoid, they seem to happen a lot (I have someone who warns me every time an eye injury happens).
Jan. 19th, 2016 11:29 pm (UTC)
I've seen it...had to look away as soon as that scene came up. *shudder*
Jan. 11th, 2016 10:50 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 17th June
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
- Marvel Cinematic Universe: Wanda Maximoff, Pietro Maximoff, Bucky Barnes, Skye, Luis; Tony/Maya, Wanda & Pietro, Bucky/Steve, Bucky/Skye, Steve/Skye, Bucky/Steve/Skye
- Once Upon a Time: August W. Booth; August/Emma
- Star Trek (new): James T. Kirk, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov; Kirk/Spock
- X-Men: Charles Xavier, Erik Lehnsherr, Charles/Erik
- Godzilla (2014): Ford Brody, Godzilla; Ford/Elle
Het/slash/gen: Everything.
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Teen.
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Any.
Prompts and/or special requests: birthday wishes, one night in Paris, fluff, Crossover, AU, happy times, first kiss
DNWs: character death, anything NC-17
Jan. 13th, 2016 08:47 pm (UTC)
Late comment
I will not directly sign up for this year, as I still have to write those I had hoped to do last year. I will try to do those and do not expect any in return.
Jan. 16th, 2016 02:07 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 27 April
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Giles, Willow, Faith - Giles/Buffy
Castle - Castle, Alexis, Hayley - Castle/Beckett, Alexis/Hayley
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Rebecca
Dance Academy - Abigail, Tara - Tara/Abigail, Christian/Zach
Firefly - Kaylee, Inara - Mal/Kaylee, Kaylee/Inara
The Fosters - Callie, Jude, Stef - Callie/Wyatt
Harry Potter (books, not movies) - Hermione, Luna, Ginny - Hermione/Snape
Hart of Dixie - Lemon, Lavon - Lemon/Zoe, Lemon/Lavon
Nashville - Scarlett, Juliette - Juliette/Avery, Juliette/Rayna
UnREAL - Rachel, Quinn - Rachel/Quinn, Rachel/Adam
The Wicked + The Divine - Laura, Lucifer, Baphomet - Laura/Luci
Het/slash/gen: Anything goes, really.
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Anything goes!
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: I'm not a video person, but I love fic (recs). I'm also always in need of new icons!
Prompts and/or special requests: I love fluff, but I also really like dark stuff (I'm okay with character death). Missing scenes are also always good. I love AU's in any shape or form.
If you're looking for something more specific, feel free to browse my Fic Exchange letter tag.
DNWs: graphic self-harm, zombies, genderswaps, character bashing, mpreg, and cunnilungus
Jan. 18th, 2016 10:59 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 26 August
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): Lost, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, Revenge, Bitten, Gotham, Arrow, The Flash, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Once Upon a Time, Buffy, Supergirl, Merlin, Being Human UK, Doctor Who, How to Get Away with Murder, Game of Thrones, iZombie. Any character goes - those who know me will know that I will try every character at least once, and I mean EVERY character!
Het/slash/gen: Any of these will be fine
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Mature
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Anything will be fine, whatever you want to make
Prompts and/or special requests: I like backstory and alternate timelines, but really anything you want to throw at me!
DNWs: Parent/child incest, prefer not rape or mpreg. While I like AU along the lines of "What would have happened if X had happened in canon instead?" I don't want AU along the lines of "Katniss is from Mars, Peeta is from Venus" or "Emma and Hook were high school sweethearts" type thing. And I echo agdhani with the NO EYE INJURIES request, I have a phobia.
Jan. 21st, 2016 12:42 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 18 April
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):

There's far too many to list them all here, but here's a brief run down of some of my all time favorites.

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: Ace + animals

BtVS/Angel: Angel/Cordelia, Spike/Buffy, Spike/Cordelia, Giles/Buffy, Faith, Lorne, Spike/+Dawn, Faith/Buffy, Giles/Faith, Spike/Giles

Aristocats: Thomas/Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, Berloiz, Scat Cat, any family/friendship combination

Batman: Catwoman, Batman/Catwoman, Catwoman + cats, Batman + cats, Bruce/Alfred, Selina + Alfred, Poison Ivy, Ivy + plants

Beauty & the Beast: Beast/Belle, Lumiere/Cogsworth

California Dreams: Jake/Lorena, Sly, Sly/Tiffani, Sly/Alison

The Cat Returns: Baron

Charmed: Prue/Piper, Cole/Piper

Dawson's Creek: Pacey/Andie

Disney Classics: Mickey/Walt, any combination of Goofy/Mickey/Donald

Disney Crossovers (The more Disney characters, the better! For particular favorites, see the fandom name.)

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: I love crossing her over with other characters, particularly 10th Kingdom's Wolf, Addams Family's Thing, Once Upon A Time's Red, and Labyrinth's Jareth.

Golden Girls: Blanche/Dorothy

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket/Groot, Rocket

Happy Days: Fonz/Rich

Hotel Transylvania: Jonathan/Mavis, Jonathan + Dracula, Dracula, Dracula + his gang/band

Hocus Pocus: Binx/Dani (I would LOVE them somehow getting a happy ending!)

House of Mouse: LOVE House of Mouse fics, especially as they allow for so many Disney characters easily in one place, but for particular favorite characters/pairings, check the fandom name or under Disney.

Jack Frost: ANYTHING depicting him in a good light is instant <3!

Labyrinth: Jareth, Jareth/Sarah, Sir Didymus, Jareth + any one as an actual friend

The Lion King: Simba/Nala, Timon/Pumbaa, Mufasa/Sarabi

The Magnificent Seven: Chris/Vin, Ezra, Ezra/Inez, Buck/JD, Josiah/Nathan, Maude, any of them with their horses, any family/friendship pairings

Maleficent: Diaval/Maleficent

Once Upon A Time: Rumplestiltskin/Belle, Red/Snow, Hook/Emma, Robin/Regina, Regina + Henry, Ruby, good!Rumplestiltskin, Mulan, Regina/Emma, Mulan/Aurora

Penguins of Madagascar: Skipper/Private, Julien/Skipper, Julien/Rico, Rico/Kowalski, Julien's Feet/Mort, any family/friendship pairings

Peter Pan: Hook/Smee

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will

Pocahontas: John Smith/Pocahontas, Pocahontas + Meeko, Meeko, Pocahontas + furbabies, John Smith + furbabies

ReBoot: Matrix/AndrAla, Matrix + Frisket, AndrAla + Frisket, Ray/Mouse

Rise of the Guardians: See my comments concerning Jack Frost above.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Salem

Saved by the Bell: Slater/Jessi

Shrek: Puss/Donkey, Puss, Doris

Smallville: Clark/Lex, good!Lex

Step By Step: Rich/Dana, Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc/Fabio

Supernatural: Dean/Sam, Dean/Crowley, Dean+Sam, Dean + Sam + Bobby

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Raphael/Casey Jones, Raphael/Donatello, Donatello/Michelangelo, Splinter + Turtle Tots, any family/friendship combination

Walker, Texas Ranger: Gage/Sydney, Sydney, Trent/Carlos

Jan. 21st, 2016 12:43 am (UTC)
X-Men (PREFER comics!verse): Professor X/Magneto, Wolverine/Storm, Nightcrawler/Storm, Shadowcat/Rachel, Shadowcat/Magik, Shadowcat + Lockheed, Wolverine + Jubilee, Wolverine + Shadowcat, White Queen, Banshee/White Queen, Cyclops/White Queen, Namor/White Queen, Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Beast/Iceman, Skin/Jubilee, Banshee, Jubilee, Shadowcat, Storm, Storm + animals or plants, Gambit + Storm, Mystique + Nightcrawler, Mystique + Rogue, Mystique + Nightcrawler + Rogue, Wolverine/Nightcrawler, Chamber/Husk, Douglock/Wolfsbane, Cable/Domino, Cannonball/Jubilee, Synch/Jubilee, Wolverine/Sabertooth, any family/friendship combination

Xena, Warrior Princess: Xena/Gabrielle, Ares/Aphrodite, Aphrodite, Autolycus, any family/friendship combination

Het/slash/gen: I do it all, depending on the fandom and characters. See above for my particular favorites.

Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): I prefer the fluffy stuff and nothing all that explicit.

Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Short fic and icons are preferred, but I enjoy graphics and vids, too. Top loves for gifts? Fluffy stories, icons with my name (Kat Lee) in them, and especially graphics for my original characters with their lovers (most particularly Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura and Belinda Carlisle; Charmed's Prue Halliwell and Brendan Fraser (shaggy/long hair period); and Pamela Anderson with Angel's Host/Lorne). I will adore you forever if I can get any of those three or name icons! =)

Prompts and/or special requests: I like my stuff fluffy and with happy endings preferably. Favorite pairings and fandoms are listed above. Anything with kitties is always a plus! <3 I'm also totally addicted to being able to post stories with an icon that features the starring couple or character with my name in it and can never have too many of those with my favorites! :-) I'm using my current favorite Spike icon here as an example.

DNWs: I'm taking this as a Do Not Write. I prefer to stay away from anything overly angsty, noncon, character deaths, and any really explicit sex scenes. I also really, really don't do the whole pregnancy thing, regardless of rather it's mpreg or regular, and obviously, no animal abuse. I like my stuff sweet and lovely, thank you, and thanks in advance.

Edited at 2016-03-31 09:02 pm (UTC)
Mar. 22nd, 2016 02:40 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 07 November
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):

Supernatural - Dean/Cas
Teen Wolf - Stiles/Derek
X-Men (movies) - Charles/Erik
Avengers (comics or movies)- Steve/Tony
Daredevil (comics or Neflix)- Matt Murdock/Danny Rand (Iron Fist) and for a darker take Matt Murdock/Frank Castle (Punisher)
Star Trek TOS or AOS - Kirk/Spock

Het/slash/gen: I tend to prefer slash for the most part although some strong friendship based gen or a nice character study can work too.

Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): explicit

Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: sure!

Prompts and/or special requests: I prefer canon fics with good characterizations. I love bittersweet fic and tend to revel in angst. I do like happy endings, but if the fic requires it I can take twisted and dark endings. I also love me some porn and love the kinky stuff too. Basically my favorite things are stories that explore trust whether it is in a friendship or in a kinky porn scene. I also love hand holding fic.

DNWs: I am not a fan of AUs that change up the setting (canon divergent is okay though!). I am easily squicked by D/s situations where the power imbalances aren't handled extremely carefully so it's probably best to avoid that (in particular I cannot handle student/teacher at all). I would also prefer no character death of any of the characters I listed above. Also no underage or noncon please.

Edited at 2016-10-31 04:32 pm (UTC)
Mar. 27th, 2016 08:25 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM):29 June
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):MCU: Phil/Clint, Bucky/Clint, Bucky & Clint, Steve & Bucky, Clint& Phil & Natasha & Bucky, Phil, Clint, Bucky
Daredevil: Matt Murdock & Foggy Nelson
Teen Wolf: Stiles/Derek
SPN: Sam & Dean
The Losers: Cougar/Jensen, Jensen, Cougar
Political Animals: TJ Hammond, Elaine Barrish
Gone Home (video game): ANYONE
Het/slash/gen: Slash or Gen I really true love a good GEN story
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): All ratings
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Graphics and Fic
Prompts and/or special requests:I love a good canon fic but I love AU's too. LOVE THEM especially if Bucky Barnes gets all the nice things even when he is kind of a dumba$$. Clint & Bucky BROTP is my jam people. Canon Matt Murdock being a beat up, bruised ball of conflicted angst. Also if someone wrote me a Gen MCU/Political Animals crossover with TJ and Bucky being bros? I would be your devoted fan for life :D
DNWs: Major character death, Unhappy endings,Rape or aftermath, also no kink-fic, crack-fic, Clint being a useless fool, Embarrassing situations( I can't handle second hand embarrassment), no MPREG.

Edited at 2016-03-27 08:30 pm (UTC)
Jun. 1st, 2016 05:01 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 09 September
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): Hawaii Five-0: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams. Teen Wolf: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski.
Het/slash/gen: pre-slash, slash, gen
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): anything you're comfortable giving me.
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: fic and graphics.
Prompts and/or special requests: first times, (alternate) first meeting, meet the family, kid fic, fluff, schmoop. For Teen Wolf: If werewolves exist, what else does? For either H50 or Teen Wolf: care packages from home
DNWs: no character bashing of canon couples, no inclusion of canon couples unless it's past coupling, blood play

I'm super easy to please, so anything I'm gifted with I know I will love.
Jun. 15th, 2016 07:02 am (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 20 Jul

Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction): my fandom/pairings list is here for easier viewing.

Het/slash/gen: het and gen

Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): all ratings are fine with me

Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: receiving - anything! giving - graphics.

Prompts and/or special requests: dramatic angst with a happily resolved ending, family-fluff that is not TOO sappy, first time. (for anyone brave enough to try SQ's Krieg and Hitchcock, I'd love to see any Academy or honeymoon fics. if doing Voyager's Janeway and Chakotay, NO ENDGAME FICS PLEASE.)

DNWs: crackfic or parodies, really gross BDSM (i.e. bloodplay, etc), abuse scenarios between established couples, break-up angst for no good/sensible reason.

Edited at 2016-06-15 07:03 am (UTC)
Jun. 17th, 2016 08:56 pm (UTC)
Birthdate (DD MMM): 29th, August
Fandoms & pairings/characters you like (or original fiction):
Original: Anything fantasy, sci-fi, dragons and other mythical creatures. Bandom stuff is fun too.
Degrassi: Declan/Holly J, Claire/Eli, other pairings are acceptable too, I just like those characters (mostly the boys) the best. Original characters are welcome as well.
Game of Thrones: All and anything.
Animorphs: Tobias anything.
Terra Nova: I know I'm getting weird here, I just loved this idea and it never got to be flourished.
Surprise fandoms welcome too! I'll read/like anything!
Het/slash/gen: Whatever moves you creatively.
Highest rating (Gen, Teen, Mature, Explicit): Probably Mature. I don't mind explicit so long as the story isn't focused on the sexy time. But if sexy time works into the plot for development, feel free to put it in! (I hope that makes sense).
Graphics/fic/video/fanmixes/etc.: Yes please!
Prompts and/or special requests: I'll take prompts. I need some help with inspiration for my villain/hero school story.
DNWs: Bad/sad endings. I need happy thoughts on my birthday because it's usually a bad day.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 27th, 2016 12:51 pm (UTC)
Hey, but why not just leave your name in? You can get some birthday wishes.

(Plus I already made your banner, so...)
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